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Engineering New Muscle

Felt something move in my lower right back on rep 5 of the squats. Doesn’t feel good now. Hopefully I can stretch it out tonight and tomorrow.

Squats have been the bane of my workouts this year. Even with good form my back doesn’t like them.


Sorry to hear about your back. Hoping it’s nothing too serious.

Caught up on the log.
Best of luck with super squats (way to go tweaking yourself on the first session) and with the medical issues. Hope the relationship is on track now.

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I will stretch it out and skip squats on Friday (doing the rest of the workout - the program allows that is not fully recovered). That gives me a about 5 days to get it better.

Thanks, things are looking better relationship wise. Don’t know if we are completely out of the woods yet, but it seems promising.

I try to explode out of the bottom on squats, but I am thinking now I might slow the tempo down in order be able to lower the weight a little. Time under tension is greater than weight lifted for me.
Edit: I also think I may need to warm up on the treadmill for 5 minutes or so before starting the workout since I workout first thing in the morning.


So mine spine is definitely out of alignment again. My shoulders are way off center to my hips. (My wife came home and said “holy shit you’re crooked).
This is the second time this year squats have caused this issue. I may be done with squats for good. :rage:

I still like the idea behind the supersquats program and am wondering if I can adapt it for hack squat, landmine DL or something similar to achieve nearly the same results (goblet squats don’t seem to cause an issue, but I don’t think I can get heavy enough for the 20 rep breathing sets).

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Are you working on activating the glutes too? (clamshell, band stuff… easy to throw in as part of warm up and dynamic stuff before lifting shit). Fellow engineer here, lots of sitting at desks is the worst… (i.e. it might not be back related…)

2c and all that jazz…

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I am no doctor nor do I know anything about uhhh doctory stuff but I watch a lot of chiropractor videos on YouTube. Maybe seeing a chiropractor can help.

They have helped me in the past. The trick is finding a good one.

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Haven’t really focused on glutes at all, good point.

It finally cooled down into the 60s today, so the missus and I took the kiddos shell hunting at the beach.

Tide had come in quite high and uncovered a number of turtle eggs. One I squeezed accidentally actually has some liquid come out :astonished: (likely unhatched or non fertilized egg)


damn! those arms are looking good

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So, for sh*ts and giggles I ordered BF calipers.
Took my measurements, punched them in the online 3 point calculator and it says I am 10.2% BF :rofl:

Maybe double that might be semi accurate.

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Good shirt, mostly.

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Back at it:

Note: Hack Squat weight is only plates, does not include sled weights.

Hack Squats were definitely the right call. Back felt tight but zero pain. Completed in the prescribed “breathing style”. Weight was actually a bit light.

Bench Press: Got my form locked in right and 195 moved easily. Will go up to 205 on Monday.

Added in racked KB carries to start strengthening the lower back.


I mean, get the antidepressants too, but heavy weight helps.

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I’ve found that just having stuff to do helps.

Best decision i ever made for my mental health was to go on antidepressants.


I’m not saying that antidepressants aren’t good. Just adding that having stuff to do help the way lifting heavy does

If lexipro didn’t effect me so adversely I’d be on for the rest of my life. It was liberating mentally

Yeah, I am on that and Wellbutrin. Without lexapro it’s absolutely terrible for me. No bad side effects for me thankfully.