Engineering New Muscle

Fingers crossed on a speedy recovery fella.

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That’s great!!!

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Very relatable. I’ve been breaking down and having complications with meds for a while. It’s frustrating.

I’m getting an unhealthy level of gun shy on calling the doc because if I have to go in for another round of diagnostics or procedures it will be like the 7th time in 2½ years.

And oh, do I hate food restriction.

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Left the hospital today. Not 100% but getting better. Going to take it easy the rest of this week.

Finally got to have a full meal. A poké bowl with lots of fish and veggies.


Congrats man! Glad things are looking up.

How’s the wife?

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Doing well. She had her ultrasound today and they determined she has an ovarian cyst the size of a golfball :open_mouth:. Her doctors will reassess in a month saying these usually shrink on their own.


Easy Push workout to get back in the swing before starting super squats next week.

Incline press
1x bar Warm up
2x225 - 6, 5

4x BW - 13, 15, 13, 13,

Tricep rope pressdowns
3x55- 11, 10, 10

Side laterals
3x20s - 20, 15, 12

Excited to start Super Squats next week. I think 3x a week program will fit better in my schedule.


Super Squats W1D1

Picture has a typo on squat reps. Should say 17

My conditioning sucks. Pushing these higher rep lifts was not easy. Also slept like crap and only about 5.5 hours so that might have played into it too.

On the squat set: Much harder than anticipated. I made it to rep 17 and then felt like I was going to pass out (saw stars, nausea) so called it short.

I think due to time constraints in the gym I will mostly do the “abbreviated” super squats which is focused on the shoulder and bench presses, rowing, and squats. Days I have more time I can do more volume.

This workout is deceptively tough.


Good luck with this program ahah :muscle:

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Great effort!

you know it’s bad when a workout that didn’t look remotely easy in the first place is harder than expected…

I ran it abbreviated when I ran the program and managed to put on 12lbs in 6 weeks. It can definitely answer the mail. You’re gonna grow in a lot of ways from this my dude.

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I can’t wait (pun intended).
I did the math, if I run this for 6 weeks - 3 times a week and go up by 5 lbs a workout (as prescribed in the book) I should put 90 lbs on my 20 rep squat (shooting for 315 by the time i’m done).
That’s insane growth if I can pull it off.


I usually do more volume (sets/reps wise) than this but the intensity pushes it to a new territory I don’t go to often.

Also, Crunch Fitness’ bars are absolute trash. Two 45 bumper plates/side and the bar had a significant bend in it already. And no center knurling to keep it on your back. I think they do this on purpose to prevent heavy lifting the best they can. Maybe I can put in a suggestion to buy some real squat bars or at least a few Ohio Power Bars. – More reasons to save up for a home gym.


In the interim, you could consider a strongman grip shirt to make it so that it grabs onto the bar.

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Interesting, the crunch I was going to had decent bars- a regular there would squat around 5 plates and deadlift 6 pretty regularly
no centre knurling though

Today I just put the foam bar pad on. I don’t squat for competition and prefer “high bar” so the extra foam is a nice comfort and solved the friction issue temporarily.

No shame in that: they talk about wrapping the bar with a towel in the book, and I did exactly that, haha.

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Did you finish the avalanche training block? Or did I miss something… noting plenty of curveballs have been thrown your way in recent weeks.

Still here lurking.

No. With pancreatitis putting me out for more than a week and other things I called it just under half way through. I may go back to it after the new year.

Super squats is 3 days per week which right now fits my schedule and recoverability (yep a new word I just made up) much better.

It’s been a weird crapstorm of health issues with my family starting end of May. I am praying we are on the backside of it now.

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Should have weighed in yesterday morning before starting the plan, but didn’t get to it until this morning.
Weight: 289 lbs
This is pretty good as my weight has now been consistent for about 3 months.
Coming back from the hospital I was down to 278, but I believe that was mostly water weight loss.