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Engineering New Muscle

Also just found out my uncle is heading home from the hospital today! His kidneys are still in failure and he will need dialysis 3x week but he is out of immediate danger.

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That’s great news!

Is the kidney failure reversible?

Doesn’t look like it. His liver and even heart have come back pretty strong, but the kidneys just won’t recover.
Doctor’s told him he is forced into retirement early now. Don’t know if he qualifies for transplant or not yet.

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Oh no!
I’m sorry to hear.
I wish him and the rest of your family the best.

July 2nd Avalanche week 1 day 3 legs

Seated leg curls
2x20 warm up
1x140-4 feeder
1x180 -4 feeder
1x220-8 drop to 180-8, 10 partials, 20 sec iso

Hack Squats
2 feeder sets
2x270- 8, 8

Leg Extensions
2 feeders
1x110 Cluster set to 25 with 5 sec breaks

Bulgarian drop set of death
3 warm up
1x 50s -8 + repeated down to 20 lb dbs (each leg)

Had to cut out the hold on these. These are absolutely brutal and highlighted by terrible unilateral strength

Standing calf raises
2x120+BW - 10 & 10 partials and 10 sec stretch

3x53(x2) - 13, 12,

First time I have almost puked after a workout in a long time. Not many sets but intense.

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Just caught up on your whole log since shit went down in May. Wow, its been a ride for your family.
You are working hard and making excellent progress.

Hey are you still 10/10 rec alpha Male? I’m about to buy some more flameout, the only supp I take, but I’m willing to try something like that since I’ve seen it so highly recommended by illustrious people here.

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Thanks for the follow and kind words. Everyone in my family seems to be doing alright now, talked to both of them yesterday and both are in fairly good spirits .

I still do recommend Alpha male. It seems to be allowing me to push my strength up faster. Also, I have become less reliant on caffeine even though I am still only sleeping about 6 hours per night. Libido is also much higher. Does take a few weeks to start really feeling it. I really only added this and Superfood to my main supplements of protein and creatine. I like the Superfood too so I don’t have to eat so many dang green leaves.

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So my back is jacked up. This is me standing up “straight” right now.

Will be seeing the chiropractor as soon as possible.


Oh no! what happened… That looks quite concerning

That’s the thing. I have no clue what happened. I kind of woke up like this, I did feel something move early this morning when I bent over for something but it was hurting before that.

It was fine yesterday when I went to bed.

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Could it be your mattress?

My gym teacher herniated a disk sleeping on a bad mattress

No, mattress is only a few months old and in great condition. I move a lot in my sleep. My guess is I rolled wrong somehow.

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Haven’t worked out do to the tweaked back the last few days. And ate crap over the holiday weekend which I am definitely noticing today.

Back doesn’t feel strong enough to hit weights yet but will do some yoga later this afternoon to try and straighten and strengthen my stubborn spine.

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Back to the gym today for what I would call 1/3 of a workout. Mostly spent the time showing my wife how to use the machines.

Back to the grind tomorrow morning.

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Skipped gym this morning - back is better (spine is not crooked like the picture above) but I can still feel a ton of weakness in it and it’s making me skiddish to apply load.
I need to work on strengthening up my core and probably invest in a 10mm powerlifting belt (my current belt is a sporting goods store leather one that is okay, but not great).

On another note - mental health issues suck. I have been dealing with depression for years and am taking medication for it (lexapro and wellbutrin) but yesterday was one of the worst days I have had in a really long time. I have been feeling like an abject failure in many regards in my life and yesterday evening I didn’t know if I wanted to cry, puke, sleep, pray or all of the above. Slightly better today but still feeling a funk.


July 20 push day.
Will restart Avalanche next week.

Slight incline DB press
2 warm up
1x70s - 7 (RPE 5-6)
1x90s - 9 (RPE 8)
2x110 - 7 (RPE 10), 6 (RPE 10) : **this is a PR :grinning:

Pec Dec Flyes - 1 min rest
3x160-12, 11, 11 and 8 partials

Machine Chest Press - 1 min rest
2x180 - 10, 8
1x130- 10

Bottoms up KB shoulder Press 1 min rest
These are stupid hard
3x 8kg - [12 , 12 ], [12, 12], [12, 12]

Plate y Raises

1 Rest Pause set to 30

Dual rope tricep pressdowns 1 min rest
2x 49.5 - 12, 10

Shoulders are toast

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Sorry to hear about the difficult situation. I hope you feel better.

Btw, how is your uncle doing?

Doing pretty good. At home and going to physical therapy and dialysis three times a week. They are hopeful his kidneys might come back but it’s too early to know for sure.

My uncle is one tough dude though. All of his doctors and care givers can’t believe he is alive.


That’s awesome!!!

Found out last week my uncles kidneys recovered fully by some miracle. Off dialysis completely and now in cardiac/physical rehab.