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Engineering New Muscle

Nuts, nut butter and avocados have been a godsend for me in that regard. Macadamia nuts in particular are really dense. Since you’re keeping carbs on the lowside, you might check out sunbutter too. If you get the organic no sugar added stuff, it’s effectively 0 net carbs.

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6/16 at home band workout
Single arm hammer curls green EliteFTS band
Superset with
Single arm overhead extensions with same band
4x15 each

Standing curls with Orange EliteFTS band
Superset with
Tricep kickbacks - Red Band
4x15 each

Just shy of 20 inches


Rest day
Had an off diet day due to “Hawt Dogs with Dad” event at my girls’ school. Chowed down on 1.5 hot dogs covered with chili and onions. Totally worth the happiness it brought my little ones.

Had the first in person meeting at work in over 16 months this morning too.


Defo a weird feeling the first time meeting with people again. And we had/have minimal lockdown periods in Aus.

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Food prep for most of my food for the next 3 days at work.

This and some cottage cheese will be my at work feedings.


Think I am going to switch to Warlock this week. I know I haven’t finished Thanos, but at the intensity in that program I am not recovery properly to make great progress and due to hectic schedules skipping a workout usually means a missed body part that week.

Warlock is upper/lower 4 days a week with slightly less intensity. This will allow me to hit my muscles more frequently and not fret missing a body part.

I just received a text reminder that I have an intro appointment with a “trainer” at my new gym tomorrow morning (Crunch Fitness).

I am not sure what to expect, but judging by the ones I met at their sign up party (what meathead is going to turn down free food) I am betting I know more than them about bodybuilding (and I don’t know much compared to many on this site).

If he tries to put me through some stupid, only meant to crush you, cardio workout I will not be happy.

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Time for you to ‘train the trainer’. Good luck!

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Thankfully I didn’t do a cardio only workout. However I didn’t do much of a workout with the trainer at all. Did some basic movements (push up, squats, lunges, inverted rows) and he noticed a weakness in my left shoulder (which has been getting pretty sore during chest work) which was interesting.

The trainer though was well over 300 lbs (said he had dropped from 490 to 330) which is impressive but still. Personal trainers ought to be in at least as good as shape as me or have decades of experience. He possessed neither.

June 25 Arm Day!

Dual tricep rope extensions 4x60.5 - 12, 13, 12, 10
Superset witb
Fat bar cable curls 4x60.5 - 11, 11, 10, 10

Bench Dips 4xBW - 17, 18, 17,
Superset with
DB Hammer Curls 4x50s - 10, 10, 8,

Lying DB tricep extensions 3x 30 - 15 (per arm), 15, 15
Superset with
Incline concentration curls 3x 22.5, 10, 10, 10

5 min walk on treadmill 6.5 degree incline.


My uncle is out of the ICU and off ECMO life support! :grinning:

My cousins fiancé made these shirts as a fundraiser

Also my dad had bypass surgery and valve replacement on Tuesday and he is doing well too. Here’s to hoping he’s done smoking now.


Congrats!!! That’s awesome!

I hope your dad quits. Unfortunately, it often takes a huge scare to push change

My grandpa quit after a massive stroke… at least he quit

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I also got a compliment today that I am “looking yoked”.
Don’t feel yoked yet, but making some good progress.

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June 26 Legs

Hack Squat 3 x 260 - 9, 9, Cluster Set
Seated Leg Curls 3x 140-17, 180- 12, 180 - 12 & 15 Partials - again on the weird curl that moves the seat as you curl.
Leg extensions (with 1 sec pause at top) 3x 110-12, 11, 11
Standing Calf Raise 3x BW+100, 8, 9, 9
Sumo KB RDL 3x 53lbs(x2) - 11, 10, 10

Leg curls and extensions only 1 minute between sets.

Sumo KB RDL might be my new favorite leg exercise. These feel incredible.


Workout tomorrow calls for rack pulls for 10 heavy singles. As I don’t want to be “that guy” in the gym i am looking for substitutes.

I am thinking either
KB swings (for the hip hinge)

Open to other ideas.

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June 28: Avalanche Day 1 Pull

Total time 47 min

Land mine 1 arm BB row (weight not including bar)
2 Warm up sets
1x75-5 each arm
1x100-8 each arm
1x100- 8 drop to 75-8 each arm

Standing one arm cable row
3x 45 - 10 each arm, 10, 10

Inverted TRX rows
30 as fast as possible

Pull downs
2x120 -10, 10
15 sec stretch last set

Cluster set to 50

Supinated dbell curl
3x20s - 25,

Rope hammer curl (sub for incline hammers - no fee benches)
2x44-25, 25

New gym, all the cable machines aren’t broke in or have crappy bearings. More resistance than a lot of cable machines so lower weight.

Rows all felt really good. Hyper extensions were the first time I ever felt a pump in my spinal erectors. Kind of painful actually.


You don’t have a camera crew and have a good understanding of gym ettiquitte. You’re already ahead of the curve :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Block pulls? I’ve seen small 12 in boxes at crunch

I subbed in the inverted rows on the TRX. I know it’s not the same muscle groups. Probably should have done landmine deads.

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Good talk from Mark and company on “mind over matter” type stuff:
Mark Bell’s Power Project EP. 542 - Is Your Mindset Keeping You Weak Broke & Small? - YouTube

Keeping for reference

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June 30 Avalanche Week 1 Day 2 Push

Slight incline DB Press (3 warm up sets)
1-90s - 9
1x 90s -9

Incline BB press RPE 9
1x205- 5

Machine Press (1 4x cluster set 20 sec pauses) RPE 11
1x200 - 9, 5, 4, 2

Stretch Push Ups on 45 lb bumper plates
1x 10

DB Rear Delt Flye, 45 sec rest

3x20s - 20, 20, 19

Y-Raises, 45 sec rest

3x25s - 12, 10, 9

Dumbbell kickouts
3x40s - 12, 12, 10

(Cut one set out due to shoulder pain/burning that didn’t feel normal)

Dual Tricep Rope push downs 4x10-12 1 min rest
4x 44 - 12, 10, 8, 8

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