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Engineering Co-op/Job

Got a question for everybody…I’m an Industrial Engineer Student, Currently i am co-oping for a japanese auto manufacture. I am learning alot, but i just don’t care that much about cars (my friends would kill for this co-op). Sure the job is challenging, and interesting at times, i just don’t feel motivated and know i couldn’t do this for a living.

So I have one co-op semseter left (Summer of 07), and i want to get involved in something i enjoy (this is where T-Nation comes in), the health industry. Industrial engineering has alot of applications; I was wondering if there were any companies i should consider applying to for this final co-op.

Or even outside of co-op, is there any company that is very encouraging of “our iron lifestyle”/ Good health in general? The only ones i can come up with are in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks for your ideas.

careful choices. I hope you can find something that is your passion. If I could make an adequate living in my passion, I wouldn’t mind the 12/day, 7/week schedule that I currently have AS MUCH