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Engineered Food


If it were of the same nutritional quality as regular food, would you eat engineered "mush" that contained portions of macro and micronutrients to your specifications?

Just something I was talking about with one of my buddies the other night.


Funny I've had this same conversation before with a friend.

I think you've found the one sub-culture that would.

I guess this would fit the same role as a "meal replacement" does for a lot of us now - quick, convenient, healthy.

And obviously price would factor in too.

Is RIT designing a super-food mush? Is this your dissertation project?


Does it have to be mush? And can it be palatable?




I'd eat the mush, especially if it had a nice flavor. But a nice alternative would be a flavorless powder or mixture that could be blended into water, milk, or a shake with protein.


Well, if it was like Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal, I would have no problem with it.


Nope. Couldn't do it. I love food, and I love to eat. I like different flavors and textures.

I don't care how "perfect" it was, I'd get sick of it in a short period of time and would crave all that other stuff I used to eat and love (steak, potatoes, omlettes, mahi mahi, swordfish, etc.).


if it tastes good i'd eat this "mush".

but, to give a nod to nate dogg, i wouldn't choose to eat it exclusively. as real food, along with it's preparation and subsequent enjoyment are woven too tightly into my lifestyle/social environment. in short every real pleasure i get from life is somehow connected to real food.

so sure . i'd eat it for convenience. but i wouldn't let "mush" eviscerate the catalyst that brings family and friends together, and the good conversation and healing powers it seems only the gift of real food prepared w/ real love can stimulate. and i don't think that preparing a bowl of technical, nutritive-"mush", would be stimulating your girl's libido either.


If Clark Griswold engineered it, I would eat it. The man is a genius with food additives.


If it was the same at the molecular level, I would definitely eat it. Especially if it came in barrels with the label 'Mush' on the side. Yummy!


It is one of my great dreams to some day discover the perfect mush. Something I could eat 4-5 times a day, with one real food meal thrown in for flavor. Space Ghost had food pellets. Thats what we all need - some quick, easy, food pellets.


the closest I ever came to the perfect mush was sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and whey all put together. Washed down with a class of tomato juice mixed in with some super green powder.

I stopped because I dont do well on too much whey. Maybe try it again with cottage chesse and few fish oil tablets?


Bro, you've spent to much time @ rit.

I guess I would though. I mean, I consider a protein and carb shake a meal. Usually with a vitamin.


I would do so.

However, it would be with the understanding that I shit a broiled hen.


No, I am not designing a super-mush.

My studies at RIT are unrelated to nutrition. I major in Women and I minor in Rugby and Shenanigans.

wressler, dude you've got 4 more years ahead of you in this arctic tundra shithole, where as I am out of here next Fall. Plus I've fucked all the good girls including little-miss Suzie down the hall who you've had your eye on since orientation.


Back on topic, I'm waiting for someone to design a 500-700kcal MRP that is actually worthwhile, doesn't get its carbohydrates from maltodextrin, and is relatively cheap.

Who wants to start a Mush company. I get my entrepreneurship MBA in less than a year.


Oatmeal is a nutritious mush, we all eat that


And with a huge scoop of Grow! it's that much better.


On a normal basis.. fuck yes. Frankly, I hate cooking, and on your average weeknight, I just want to eat to get what my muscles need and fill me up - not for any love of what I'm eating. The whole thing is a chore - there are a million things I'd rather do than spend time in the kitchen. If there was a quick easy way to get food that contained what my body needs, I'd jump on it in an instant if it was even remotely palatable.

Not to say I'd never eat normal food. I'd just eat it when I actually WANTED to cook or when I eat out. But for your average weeknight, I'd be more than happy to eat some "muscle mush" and get on with my evening.


Exactly. I usually eat for "the cause" and not for delight.