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Engine Overhaul

I started a new log because I no longer feel like a trainwreck. I have finally gotten my cars back on the track and now it’s time to overhaul the engine. Got to see if I can get this thing rolling again. I feel like I am getting stronger everyday, mentally and physically. Thank you God!
I have lots of work to do this fall, so I need to learn to manage my time more efficiently. I need to make a plan and just stay the course, both with my lifting and realworld life. I have let things go and now need to start rebuilding the image I envisioned when I started. I can do this.


Wu= 20 BW squats
1x5/65 5 sec hold in the hole.

1x5/115 couldn’t get any extras
4x5/90. Failed the widowmaker set

BO BB Rows

Incline BB BP
5x1/65 does count as a PR?

3x1/65 had no idea I could do this


I have got to get my shit straightened out because I haven’t been doing near enough pulling.

On a side note. Z won’t have to worry about the diamond plate moving blanket anymore. Ground Tiger our faithful, pain in the ass kitty, jumped out of the weeds between the pick up tires and crossed the rainbow bridge. That was his favorite blanket so I wrapped him up in it. Stupid cat! Best kitty ever!


I like the adjustment to your mind set.

Sorry about your cat.

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Glad I found your new log.

Sorry about your kitty. That’s a tough loss :frowning:

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Looks like you’re revved up to kick some butt.

Poor little fur-ball. How did your son take it?

This time of year is all about finding balance.

He didn’t see it happen, but he knows he hasn’t been in the house, I think he thinks he just out hunting. And, I am playing that card as long as possible. The dachshund is taking it pretty hard though.

Wu= 20 push ups


Low incline BP
High incline BP

10x10/70 30 sec rest

10x10/110 30 sec rest

Curls EZ bar

I _really _ need to do something about this arm thing :smirk:
Tried some skull crushers but my tri’s were already toast.
Gotta start somewhere. So the plan is… mon, wed, fri shoulders. Tue, Thurs, Sat, bi’ and tri’s.

Good to see you have a new log!

Wow. That’s an aggressive training plan. Personally, my body couldn’t handle the frequency. But I wish you luck!

Well we ain’t getting all crazy here, but if I at least hit them as a finisher, or even in the p.m. it has to be better than nothing. It might not work, we will see. I think I will be okay if I keep stuffing food in my face. If I end up with some fluff, so be it. Maybe I will be able to find clothes that actually fit…lol

Ok that’s what I was going to ask you, if you are going to be feeding your face constantly

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Band bi’s and tri’s
3x12 each

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Wu= BW squats 10
Bridges 10


10x10/100 30 sec rest

In the last seven days I have loaded /unloaded a dishwasher, and moved it twice.
Got help loading but had to unload by myself a small frig and a big double door frig.
Loaded/ unloaded a gas clothes dryer, which I had to pack/walk across the yard in dirt that had 6 inches of rain on it. Not mud, but really soft.

And of course this was on the 3rd week of the cycle. My lower back is like… uh what?
And this weekend I get to move them again! Yay me!

And since we had all that rain, I have lots of extra work. :joy:

I really wanted to start CT’s 915 program, just to take a break from the 5/3/1 thing and try and hammer out some of my weaknesses. Now, I’m not sure.

Weaknesses? You’re kidding of course.

BPA’s !!! Hey I took a look at the glute challenge you were doing…much harder than what I am doing with the thrusters…

I have actually got to the point where I can tell where the weak link is…Yay!

Well don’t tell anybody, but at 100+ reps a day, my left knee starts to make eeerie sounds and my quads start saying bad words…lol I think they might old :laughing:
But, I have certainly not given up on the bootyfication thing, just have to rethink the process. I’m not above retreat to fight another day!

It took me awhile but I found you!

That is a lot of non training related lifting in one week. Stick with it, you are doing well.

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Surely you didn’t think I was going anywhere. Where else could I cause such hate and discontent? I am on the quest for that 200lb DL. :grin:

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