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Engagement Looms

Engagement to the ol’ lady is set for noon on Sunday 11/1. Nervous, yet excited at the same time. She has no idea. Sister and mom are taking her out for a “girls night” (drinks, mani/pedi, etc.), and thankfully she has no idea this is leading up to the event.

Feel free for open discussion with congrats, “say goodbye to your testicles,” or what have you.

No, no you got that all mixed up. She says goodbye to your testicles (and related parts).

Just kidding, congratulations, hope it all goes stress-free.

Congratulations! The right woman can only make your life better. Just remember that ALL women are psycho about something. The secret is finding the least psycho one that loves you the most!

Snakes with tits

That’s all I have to add to the discussion mate