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I particpate in sports and was wondering what I could do to pick up my energy. I eat clean and stay away from refined carbs. Is there something I should eat proir to the game or the night before? Are there any supplemnets out there besides the ones with caffiene that I already take? I want to get as jacked up as possible. Hey!

I highly recommend Biotest’s Powerdrive supplement (contains l-tyrosine and other cool nutrients). It’s just what you’re looking for.

well i don’t know what kind of sports you play or how much you play them. What i would recomend is to sip a drink like Surge before during and after you are playing to keep positive nitrogen balance and to have proper glycogen levels. Powerdrive while get you mentally focused. Don’t forget creatine which will help you recover. I would not use caffeine at any other points intime other then before game time. This way your body will be ready for its stimulatory effects. laters pk

Read Tim’s past couple of Behind the Scenes. Think Powerdrive.