Energy Zapped During Fat Loss

As the title says I’m looking advice on calories in/out and the re introduction of more carbs during fat loss.

I’ve dropped from power belly 300lb powerlifter to a lot better 255lbs. I basically lift heavy 6 days a week with some added conditioning, mostly weight vest walking. An educated guess has me at 16-17% bf but my energy has dropped away back this past couple of weeks.

I was on average 2000 cals per day and dropped almost 50lbs in 7 weeks. I’m still hoping to hold onto strength but main goal is a gradual fat loss. 1lb per week for the next 12 weeks.

Any of you out there have advice on how to re I troduce more carbs whilst still shedding the weight.
I’ve attempted to keep carbs below 75g per day so far.

Thanks in advance for any help

Why would you want to add more carbs? What you’re doing is working so well, why would you fuck with it?

If you wanted more carbs you’d just have to remove some fat from your diet.

I would say though after 7 weeks of really hard dieting where you’ve made a lot of progress, you’re probably due a diet break. I bet if you did that you’d feel way better and would make more progress after the break was over.

Lyle McDonald’s written a ton about it but the general gist is 2 weeks where you eat maintenance calories (which he sets at body weight x 15. If you’re super chunky still you might not want to go quite that high) and at least 150g of carbs a day.

Revs the ole metabolism up again.

If carbs this low can up good fats and greens by a suprising amount without adding fat gain. Be able to train harder also