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Energy went bye-bye

Hello all, I am a freshman at some college. I decided to start early and take some summer classes to see what I was in for during fall time. I am realizing one thing real quick. I will have no life for the next few years. I am taking 12 hours in the fall and working 40-50 hours at this hotel(I am a salaried manager). My main question is how the hell can I manage all this stuff and try to keep the energy up? I’ve noticed that just this summer I can go for a few days at full speed, meaning going to the gym, work, and even school. Yet then I hit some days when I feel like I will pass out. Today being one of them. I try to keep up with my diet as much as possible yet that gets hard. Please give me some tips to sustain energy levels all day so that I don’t get obese and kill my self. Thanks guys.

Rowers @ my U do the same thing & most manage to keep a B+ or better in their 4 courses each term & they still make the worlds team in the summmer. Just do it. When I was roofing, most nights I only got 4-5hrs of sleep. I’d have the roofing job from 6am to 6pm, then eat dinner on the way across town to the Safeway for 7pm-12am. When I got really tired I went & did something, but luckily I didn’t have enough time to get really tired.

First, Take a breather. YOu are getting too stressed over this. Also are you paying for your schooling? Why so much work while going to school? I know many people that work part time and take out loans. It’s really up to you and what your priorities are.