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Energy to Work Out


What is up guy? I guess i am one of those skinny bastards. I have always been, but it is time for a change. I practiced martial arts for 8 years, and played soccer for more than that. But for the past 3 years school and work did not let do anything at all. So it is time for going back in shape.

Even though I had never been sedentary, I have never developed big muscles which is what i am looking for right now. For the past 4 weeks I have been going to the gym 4 times a week (2 times for upper body work out and 2 times for lower body work out). I am 23, 5'7, 130lb and I am seeing some results already.

However,t one thing that frustrated me a lot is the lack of energy in my workouts sessions. As far as food goes, I have a in the morning 2 bananas with honey and quaker oat whole grains. For lunch i would have rice, beans, eggs or omelet, and vegetables. For dinner i would have pasta and one can of tuna. I also have a hamburger with tomatoes and onions and cheese and two to three candy bars a day. I think I am eating fine (if not, let me know), but How can I get more energy for my workouts?

Thanks for any replies


How much sleep do you get?


Doesn't sound like you're eating enough, 5-6 times a day should be minimum.


From one recovering skinny bastard to another, I still say cut out the 2-3 a day candy bar habit unless it's a conscious effort to pile on weight in any way possible. That's not going to do wonders for your energy and is maybe 750 calories you could be getting in a better way. I'd claim 2 Metabolic Drive bars would be better, but 2 a day of those isn't the best way to build a diet either...


Cut the candy bars - don't drink pop.

Sugar crash is a killer.



Are you kidding me? 2-3 chocolate bars a day?????? And you think you are eating right??

You need to eat more meals during the day, pack on the weight with burgers not chips and chocolate. come on this is just pathetic