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If wanted to move onto a phase of conditioning work, incorporating complexes from…


… what would you guys recommend? 10x3? EDT?

This is following several months of heavy lifting and I’m just looking to switch it up for about a month or two before going back to focusing on strength/mass gains.

If it helps I’m currently finishing up OVT.

I did something where I would do 10x3 for my main lifts, some assistance work, then use a complex as a finisher.

I like 10x3 for my main lifts as opposed to edt because I could still go relatively heavy. I think I worked up to something like 92% of my squat 1 rm on the 10x3 w/ 1 min rests. I fell off shortly after and now am on a 5x5.

The other thing I would do was superset my 10x3 leg movements with pushups/pullups/or dips, kept my heartrate up and still could lift heavy for the big movements. It was kinda like EDT in a way, but I still had a measured rest period.

I tried some EDT too, but I couldn’t go as heavy. Might be a nice change though if you are coming off a heavy strength phase. I got a better conditioning workout doing the EDT, simply because you can push a little harder if you are going for 15 min prs instead of load/rest prs.

Thanks for the response.

Still looking for more suggestions, please.

Honestly… I don’t get the ‘conditioning phase’ bit. You wanna increase your work capacity? EDT will do incredible in that regard, as will any volume-centered program. Looking for greater anaerobic threshold? Better VO2? Tabata/HIIT.

I’ve yet to seriously see a point for complexes. For me, they’re up their with Crossfit as something thats designed to make you stay mediocre.

Just my opinion though.

I need a change of pace from the 3x5/5x5 structuring that I’ve been doing the past several months. I went from Rippetoe’s to OVT, and now I’d like to put some focus towards overall conditioning (yes, VO2/greater anaerobic threshold). Complexes seemed touted by Alwyn Cosgrove, and as he’s a well-respected contributor, his word carries weight to me.