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Energy System Work on a Treadmill?

Christian’s article is very good and I much rather do 400’s than plod along a street and kill my joints. However, is usinga treadmill a waste of time when doing 400’s? I am leaning yes myself. Sorry if that has been axed before.

Definitely NOT a waste of time. Sometimes I do my energy system work on a treadmill b/c of weather, convenience, or just to mix things up. If the treadmill takes a few extra seconds to get up to the speed you’ll be “sprinting” at, I’ll just run a few extra seconds so I get in the time or distance the program calls for. For example, if the program calls for a 20 second sprint, and it takes 7 seconds for the t-mill to get up to 11mph, I’ll run for about 27 seconds to make up for the 7 seconds in which the t-mill was going at a slower speed. BUT, I try to get on the best t-mill at the gym that gives me the option to just hit re-set (which resets the time & distance) when I get close to that 11 mph. Then I just sprint 'til the time says 20 sec. (or 'til the time says 30 or the distance says .25 or whatever the goal is).

Hope this helps,


BTW, after completing a 400, just set the speed at a slow walk during your RI. I guess you could set the speed at a fast walk or slow jog, but I like to be a little more recovered by the time it comes to run the next 400 so I can give a better effort during the 400.


thanks Danny. I always have been paranoid on treadmills as I feel the belt is too narrow. I will build up to where I feel like I can do it blindfolded.

You’ll feel comfortable on the t-mill in no time. It is awkward for many people at first. But after a few sessions on it, you’ll be alright.