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Energy Supplements


Ok so i take Spike, and well it works, i do not feel sleepy and i feel an initial rush of energy.

Now in the market there are tons of energy supplements, most of them advertized as fat burners. So regardless of whether they are fat burners or not i wanted to ask what are the best out there that have worked for you, if you have tried any of my list please coment, if not then you can comment on the one you have tried, thanks...and if this is a stupid question then just bear it with me.

1) Spike
3) redline
4) Surge
5) lipodrene
6) Muscle energy by cytosports
7) homemade coffee and green tea

So let's hear it


1) Spike= Great smooth energy kicks ass

2) HOT-ROX= great at what its for fat burning energy no not for me anyhow, not the go kill some weight focus I want from a supp designed for that

3) redline = Taste like shit and made me shaky

4) Surge = ah nope great for PWO and well giving me the gas to keep going during a workout but nope not an energy booster.

5) lipodrene= ???

6) Muscle energy by cytosports= ??

7) homemade coffee and green tea= Love my coffee and you aint taking it away. lately been mixing two big scoops of instant in skim milk pre workout GREAT!!!

8) ephedrine = used to like it but after taking a break treid to go back and shaky as hell energy yes but not right not the focus and mental drive needed. It';ll wake you the hell up though.

9) Power Drive = Nice mental boost in the AM on empty stomach aside my cup of coffee.

10) Meth.= wakes you the hell up but man hinders muscle growth big time and does a number ion teeth LOL. Know WAY to many ppl who have done/do this shit

11) a solid mixed meal pre workout. AWESOME!!

Thats my list.


I like Spike. HOT-ROX i would take one dose pre workout for energy and it was good as well. I used to love the speed stack and ripped force drinks with ephedra by ABB. They used to rock my world, I could train for 2 hours, hit martial arts spar for 2 more and then hit the bars with the guys. Was awesome. Redline sucked.

Perhaps you should try meditation for energy...


I tried, but it was hard to keep with my sifu chen, and every time i lose concentration that holy stick hitting me... Let us just say meditation has enhanced my senses, but not quite my energy. I go to the temple every week but i have been so busy training th past month adn i can feel this horrible lack of energy. And then i was supposed to practice my tai ji quan and the iron fist he is going to kick my ass (literally).

I will get Spike then, and leave HOT-ROX for another time, so Spike is my best bet right?
And one last question does it really matter what vitamins do i take? they are pretty much the same right?


Just keep in mind that, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for...


I like Spike, but I can take HOT-ROX and fall asleep at anytime (good for fat loss though)

That being said, my favorite energy booster is Lo-Carb Monster. That stuff is AWESOME


Keep in mind, your lack of energy might be due to simple overtraining. You might want to take a week-off from most of your training schedule. If you don't give your body a chance to recover, you'll never get stronger.


Trure, well i get the GNC multivitamin, i was just wondering if there wasn't any you know especial vitamin/brand.

Lo-carb moster?

Yes that has been in my head, it is hard to keep up with the training schedule, and when i train people i have to roll with them so it also sort of like a workout. I do think i am overtraining, at tleat to this point, but i am sure i am getting there so i will try to cut somethings off since no pill will make it disappear.


When I take Spike - I feel a stimulant effect.

When I take Carbolin 19, it gives me a nice bit of mood elevation. I can do more and work more will less sleep. It's really hard to explain but I love the effect.


Spike is my favorite. Clean burning and no shakiness.

Ephedrine with caffeine is my number two as long as I don't take it late in the day as it keeps me awake or interferes with my sleep so I feel like shit the next day.

Amphetamines are my "go to" stimulant when I really need motivation. Use them sparingly since they make me reaaly pissed off and irritable. I use only perscription brands obtained through legitimate means. No homemade meth or poison shit.

The stimulants I don't like:
Redline: makes me feel like puking at first then jittery and hot as hell. Bad medicine.

Stmulant x (legal gear): poor quality rip off of Spike. Makes my heart beat like a fucking trip hammer.

5 hour energy: bullshit in a bottle. Didn't do dick for me.

That's my 2 cents worth.


Monster is an energy drink, with a better taste than red bull (IMO)


I wanted to try redline but it seems too risky now.
Forgive my ignorance but what will the use of Amphetamines is?


The best energy supplement that I have ever taken is.....SLEEP!


Ya but I can log onto a website or walk into vitamin shoppe and buy sleep.


RIGHT! Does that tell you something?


That is true, but often times with rigorous trining regimes you just don't get enough, and i think that is my case, believe me when i have my de-loading week no suplements 60% coach potato!


Spike is awesome for me, as I dont tolerate jittery drugs like caffeine very well, much less ephedrine.

With Spike, I dont feel a burst and jitters, I feel... good, and have the ability to work hard and long and keep focus. Amazing stuff.

Powerdrive is amazing too. I love it.

HOT-ROX works for me as a stimulant because of the caffeine in it.

All that being said, I dont take those supp too often, cause I still think it is somehow "borrowed" energy. Your body will make you pay it back if you work harder and harder all the time than you usually could.

Oh, and Green supplements are the shit too for stamina and just plain feeling good all the time. They wont be a pre-training boost or anything like that, but since I feel better well everything else follows.


It tells me they need to bottle it and sell it at the store. People don't wanna do it the right way. They wanna spend their 29.95 and get it the easy way.


You could always buy horse tranquilizer and shoot yourself every night. They sell that.


So true, yet so very sad....