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Energy Spike

Is it true about the theory that you weight train, load up on carbs immediately when the weight session ends, then 7 hours later you get a huge spike in energy for about 1.5 hours and this makes for higher quality speed session or workouts?

It’s mostly due to neural activation. I personally prefer to use two small lifting sessions that one large session. The first session is only 25-30 minutes in length, just enough to potentiate my nervous system. The second session of the day my CNS is through the roof and I perform much better.

I was referring to a sprinting session, because i know HSI lifts then runs, so basically the lifting and carb loading potentiates the nervous system greatly 6 hours after the session ends? In a Charlie Francis interview he said the idea was you inject insulin, loadup on carbs and this provides for a energy boost?

I know the idea of using insulin after a workout … but do you really want to go that DANGEROUS way?! Not a smart idea.

And even if you store more glycogen in your muscles, it won’t give you an energy spike, you’ll just have more fuel in your tank, which is not always a garantee of sprinting success.

My explanation is much more plausible for natural athletes. Use exercises that activate the nervous system so that you will be more efficient in later workouts. But when it all comes down to it, the difference it may make will be very small in most individuals.

Ok that makes sense, also people use max lifts to potentiate for higher rep sets(ie the 1-6 principle), y wouldnt this work for sprinting? And also y wouldnt performing an explosive activity help one prepare for a ME(ie the opposite)?

The nervous system will be potentiated by exercises requiring a large neural drive.

To maximize CNS involvement the force production must be high.

F = MA … so you can get an intense CNS activity by:

  1. lifting big weights (ME)
  2. lifting moderate weights rapidly (e.g. olympic lifts, speed bench, speed squats, etc.)
  3. lifting light weights ballistically (jump squat, ballistic bench, med ball throws)

2 and 3 are less physiologically damaging, so they will cause less fatigue.

Increase from previous activity = potentiation effect - residual fatigue

So go for CNS intense exercises which are less fatiguing, and keep the volume low.

Ok i got it, thanks again