Energy! Refueling After Cardio

After a very hard cardio session my body needs to re-fuel, What foods should I be eaten to give me maximum benefit to re-fuel my system! Should I be eating straight after the workout (soon as basically) or wait?



After a very hard cardio session, Surge could be a good option. If the session is truly intense, it can be just as taxing as a hard lifting workout and can deplete glycogen to a greater degree. Define very hard, though.

Very hard is the stage of training below over training, My limits…

Hmmmm -
Monday Thai Session
2 to 3 Mile Run/Jog
Endurance (Push ups, Bridge, Lunges, Burpes, Sqauts)
Pad Work
Sparing Session
15 Min light swim

Hard session, Dont worry I do get a breath/rest.

Surge I’ll look into it, What carb foods would you suggest?


Hard to me is 400 meter sprints or longer very intense interval work. I’m not sure how the things you listed translate. You’ll have to be the judge of that. But if it’s truly an intense session, I’d say have Surge following the workout. And a carb-rich meal with a protein source after that. Brown rice, yams, oatmeal, maybe some fruit [something along those lines] with a lean protein source. What if any other carbs you eat in the day would be dictated by physique and performance goals and how your body handles them generally.

bananas and strawberries and almonds or seeds should be the staple of your snacks and foods.
Those are what you should be eaten.