Energy Poll

For the most part, do you guys feel like you have a surplus of energy that drives you to get stuff done during the day? I think I’m the opposite. I have an energy deficit that I have to supplement with pure willpower to get things done in life. I use to think it was because of sleep, diet or laziness, but I have all that in check and my body still feels heavy (7-8% bf) and my brain a bit cloudy most of the time. I drag myself to workouts and then feel awake and euphoric afterwords so I workout plenty (no, I’m very sure I’m NOT overtraining) but I’m just realizing living like this isn’t normal. I think normal people on good diets with proper sleep and smart exercize feel pretty great most of the time. It’s really showing itself now that I’ve switched to Hot Rox and cant use the occasional ephedrine stack as a crutch (2-3x/week tops). I’m going to a doctor this week but wanted a reality check that my situation is not “normal” and to see if anyone else has worked to overcome this.

Have you had bloodwork done recently? Do you take a multivitamin with iron?

Are you depressed? Really, one of the biggest factors of depression is very bad lethargy. Then after you workout and you’ve got endorphins (i.e. happy juices) coarsing through your brain you feel a lot better, less depressed and more energetic.
Going to a doctor is a good idea.

Have you always felt this way? Or can you pinpoint a period that it started?

I kind of go in cycles on this. Sometimes I feel more energetic and driven…sometimes not so much.