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Energy Levels, Dealing with Being Tired


How are your energy levels and how do you deal with lack of energy?

I'd like to think that I'm doing things right, more or less, but I'm still not as energetic as I want to be.

I think the only times I've had energy levels that I've been somewhat satisfied with was when I was using Alpha Male. I've used it three times (three 'cycles' if you will), but I don't want to resort to supplements again for help.

I do believe a lot of this is mental and recognize the fact that it takes that kind of effort to make it better, I'm just wondering if there's something that you've found helpful.


Improving my diet always helps.


How do you improve your diet?

I've noticed a similar effect. E.g. if I don't consume enough carbs, I'll start feeling more lethargic. But then again, the most optimal I've felt, or 'least non-optimal', is not something I'm happy with.

A balance of protein, fats, carbs, an unbalance of them, consuming fish oil, not consuming sugars, consuming veggies, etc, all the general principles seem to keep me from not dipping into lethargy, but nothing more.

My energy at the gym is good on most days, its my general energy levels I'm not satisfied with.


Try starting the day with a nettle tea to cleanse your blood, a good detox will get things started. After that make sure your digestion is in check possibly try a 1 week course of Pro-Biotics or/and Poliquin's HCL therapy.

Once these two things are in check get your sleep and diet right. Eat like a caveman and get 7-9 hours sleep a night....


Having a good diet helps. Giving your body what it needs. Getting the proper TYPE of sleep....DEEP SLEEP.

My multivitamin is awesome and I think that has helped me avoid that period of tiredness that I used to get after waking up.

Getting laid on a regular basis helps too. With everything.


I'll have to look into this nettle tea, this is my first time reading about it. The Pro-Biotics I'll have to check out as well.

I actually did about 2 months of Poliquin's HCL therapy as per one of his articles. Did not notice a significant difference. When you're supposed to test how many tablets you need, I went as high as 7 if I remember correctly, but never experienced the warm feeling he described. I did gain size during that time though, but can't be sure if it was because of my increased food intake or HCL caps.


What multivitamin do you use (not that I could necessarily get it anyway, I live in Europe)? And do you actually notice a difference when not using it as opposed to using it?
I've used multivitamin in the past, but did not notice anything.


try taking 600mg of HCL with a every protein containing meal for the next month (carry a stash in your pocket everyday) you should start feeling the warmth after a few weeks, consistency is the key, but the pay off is great!


Quoted for truth.

I shoot for a minimum of 4 times a week, with 2 or 3 hummers from the lady friend thrown in for good measure.

Simplicity is the key.

Eat like a champ, fuck like a champ, sleep like a champ.



These are what I have been taking about a month so far.

I haven't missed a day; but a month ago I wasn't as alert in the morning; and I don't really crash around 2:30-3 like i used to. But I take 2 a day instead of 1.

the brand sounds wicked gay though lol "Rainbow Light" lol


Get plenty of good fats - fats in general.
If your using coffee, switch to green tea.
IMO Superfood is a better option than a multi (if you can afford it).


I totally agree, I upped my fat intake and now I have a lot more energy, its great. Green tea along with fish oil is a plus.


Get Blood work done


Hmmm, this is pretty much what I did, I took anywhere from 2 tabs to 4 tabs (324mg each) each meal, depending on the size of the meal. I'm wondering if I should just stick with it longer. Last time was about 2 months, maybe I should go longer. Is there a point where I should know when I don't need them anymore?


Like the avatar by the way, are you Kanye fan?


They might actually sell that brand here, I've seen something similar. Might have to check it out.


My diet is fairly high in fat already, but the balance of fats might be off, I get a lot of animal fats, along with some olive oil here and there. Worth trying.

Ooh, no coffee? I had a period of about 3 months last year where I went no coffee. Then again, I don't even get an energy kick from coffee anymore, even though I rarely drink from than 1-2 cups a day.


You might have a point! I'm sure the G-Flux idea applies to this one as well.


Got some bloodwork done this fall, doctor didn't notice anything special. Some thyroid levels were off, but after retesting they were fine, and ultrasound didn't show any thyroid problems either.


Keep trying the HCL protocol @ 600mg with each protein meal. Once you notice your digestive system is working well and you get some discomfort/burning sensation drop it down to 300mg and continue until you get the sensation again. Also have a look into breathing this book helped me to no end: http://tinyurl.com/68s6wr

Oh and I love me some Kanye, looking forward to the 24th!