Energy is Always Low

I’ve been lifting for a while.

Where I always struggle is diet. I’ve got a thick upper abdomen. Gorilla stomach. I don’t like it. Clearly. Previously before I started serious powerlifting I was leaner. Like 13%BF lean.

I can’t seem to get the mix right. I’m on 2100 calories. High protein low carbs. Omega 3 supplements. Clean eating. I drink 4L of water a day.

Why do I always feel run down? What am I missing here

Could be a number of things.

How much do you weigh? How tall are you? What is the macro breakdown?

The thing that’s made the biggest difference for me lately is just eating breakfast (I almost never ate breakfast in high school or freshman year of college). If you don’t, you should definitely try it and see if you benefit from it. I’m not always hungry when I wake up, but 2 apples and some milk or a protein shake makes my mornings a lot easier. A few apples and chugging a glass of milk takes like 5 minutes tops, so you don’t have to wake up earlier than normal for it like you would if you were trying to make an omelet or something

I eat 2100 cals a day and I’m 130lb chick

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Could be the low carbs.
Could be a lack of certain vitamins/minerals (Magnesium for example).
Could be your sleep habits.
Could be 10 other things or a combination.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but I force myself to wake up at 4AM most days and it has actually made me more energized throughout the day. I think it’s because I sleep more soundly at night.

If you play video games especially fast paced shooters (like COD), avoid them at night. They’re too stimulating. It took me about 4 years to figure that out…

I also avoid lifting at night. It took me a while to figure that one out too. I would fall asleep quickly, but toss and turn after about an hour or two. I used to pace around my damn house at night because of it. Weight training at night is just too stimulating for me that’s why I lift in the AM now.

My $0.02, the above might not work for you of course.


As others said, could be a lot of things. However, I would say it is likely due to your low calorie/low carb diet. I don’t do well at all on low carb, and lack energy and a feeling of well being when I’ve tried it. I would say up the carbs and calories, and see how you feel.

I eat breakfast. I eat 6 times a day. I was the same in High School and throughout my 20s. It just made me sick back then but those days are over. Breakfast is now the best meal of the day.

I am 6’3" 280.


Cal 2100
Carbs 120g
Fat 100g
Protein 290g

I get the balance so I am not trying to drop weight quickly but over time would be nice.

Calories are way too low. Simple starting point would be BWx15 and subtract 500 calories, that would put you at 3700 calories daily. Follow that for 2 weeks and adjust depending on your weekly weigh in average.

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Yeah that’ll do it. Get down to 230 and you’ll feel waay better