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Energy Drinks


hey fellas, is it ok to drink energy drinks everyday? i can not STAND coffee, so my next best thing is energy drinks, but they get a bit expensive. im a full time college student and plus i work 30 hours a week, so i need all the energy and help for concentration that i can get. do any of you see any problems drinkin one or two everyday?


Honestly sure yet large amounts of caffeine everyday to keep going??

I think you better address sleep. Soon your going to become resistant to it. burn out your adrenals and then what??


Just that those energy drinks usually have a TON more caffeine then a cup of Joe.


Don't know if it's good or bad, but I have been drinking one before every workout for about 3-4 years. Is that bad? No problems thus far.


I really believe that energy drinks are obsolete:



Phill could you elaborate a bit more on the energy drinks and adrenals. Or did that have to do with lack of sleep? I have one when I play hockey, sometimes before the gym if I feel sluggish that day.


ya know, i really have considered taking Spike...i hear many many good things, but i guess im a bit reluctant thus far.


You can get a sample of Spike from getspike.com

I got some and that's what got me to get mroe.

My only other thought to those kind of drinks, outside of being expensive, isn't there just a ton of sugar in those? Between rotting my teeth and a big belly, oh no.

I do like that Bawls drink now and again though.


Well, there're herbs and stuff too...:slight_smile:

Keep in mind that 8 oz of Red Bull has as much caffiene as 10 cups of coffee.

Other drinks have more or less, but that's what really does it for you, although I could swear the RB keeps me up with intense stomach pains and I can actually feel my teeth melting.


Red Bull, Full Throttle, MDX, etc are just sugar/caffeine loaded cans of syrup and carbonation. Take a good (read: organic) multivitamin and maybe take some Spike. Get tons of sleep and eat a good diet. That'll keep ya goin!


Guys, energy drinks don't have that much caffeine. In fact, they usually have slightly less than a cup of coffee. I'll throw out some numbers for you number junkies.
Coffee : Usually 100mg of the stuff
Energy Drinks : Around 70-80mg
Coke : 32(ish)mg
Mountain Dew : 43mg

Energy drinks are called such mainly because of the blend of sugar, taurine, and other similar ingredients that should cause one to be, well, hyper. Contrary to popular belief, they don't contain exorbitant amounts of caffeine.


I'll second (or third) the Spike but an occasional energy drink also hits the spot. I stick with the low carb versions like Monster low carb energy drink.


Where do you buy your Red Bull?

The normal 8.2 ounce Red Bull only has 80 mg of caffeine.

Please do a little research before posting complete nonsense like this.


A report came down from the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, CO. that the energy drinks (red bull, monster, rockstar, ext) are not good for you. They didn?t go in to detail about the bad things that can come from them, but I?m guessing it?s the same as anything like it i.e. (coffee, soda, pop, or soda pop :slight_smile: ), It?s just a little FYI.

I?m just like the rest of the world I still drink them when I need a pick me up, but I have also found that eating right taking a multi vitamin, and getting enough sleep usually does the trick.

I have heard an offal lot about this Spike supplement. Is it anything like the HOT-ROX? I saw in a feed that they have free samples on a web site I?m going to have to give it a try.