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Energy Drinks


In the last week or two after starting a new powerlifing style workout, I've started having an energy drink before every session. Starting to slightly rely on them now which I don't think is too good a habit! Was wondering if the sugar etc.. is going to have as bad effect as any other time ie not before a workout.


I have to disagree and recommend Spike Shotgun!

(Orange Gold, btw)


Rock*Star Zero Carb FTW


Coffee is less expensive and better for you.


I either have to go with the Rockstar Blue or the Spike (@ 300mg per can you cant go wrong) Now stack 2x 300 millis and a Spike and now you're getting somewhere.


Good lawd!

How long did it take to build up that kind of tolerance to stims?


Ahh about 4 years. I OD around 2g and the sweet spot is around 900mg-1.5g. A gram to me is the virgin's 400mg. I should have cycled the stuff, really.


I tried to stop my caffiene intake one day.

I never will try again.



I friggin love caffeine.

I even have a tub of powdered caffeine at home. I sparingly use it ever since that time I accidentally took 2.5grams at 5am on an empty stomach on a low carb day.

I didn't die though.

Spike (orange gold) is the best ever. I cycle that. Or I get used to it. It's about time to order another case.

I have Spike pills I use too; love them.

I really love the "awakening" effect that my noops have on me (DMAE, Piracetam, Vinpo) too.

If all else fails, work has free capachinos. or however you spell that shit


lol I hear you guys. One day I said, "Gee, I should really cut back" 4 hours later I pounded 600mg to feel alive. Brock how'd you like OD'ing?


SWF in a shaker mixed with orange Spike Shotgun. :slight_smile:


black tea. BOOOONG*


I know a few people who do this regularly and rave about it.

I may have to try it this weekend.


I don't know how I'd get through my shift (9pm-6am) without half a pot of coffee and 2 low carb rockstars, the only time I tried Spike Shooter 3 of them got me home safely from Robertson's seminar in Indy to Chicago without passing out. They work


One of life's great pleasures lol :slight_smile:


only one i can get hold of is monster, the lo-carb one.


Time for Hijack No. 2 (though if your reply gets long feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

What dosages are you using for Ani and Centro, timings, etc, and do you feel centro is subtantially better than DMAE?





I have powdered caffeine too, I OD on around 1g so hid it under the bed until I got caps to put it in. However, my brother had been taking a creatine/carbs product, I said when he finished that he could use my mono, and instead of taking that in a labelled tub on my shelf, he went under my bed and took 20g of unlabelled white powder - not cool. He said afterwards he felt great for about 20 minutes, and then started puking!