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Energy Drinks and Oral Health


hey guys, I recently have been drinking a boat load of spike and redline and have noticed that my gums have been getting really sore and inflamed and bleed when I brush them...my brushing and flossing routine hasn't changed and Ive noticed an increased occurrence in canker sores as well.

My question is this, can my ridiculous (sugar free) energy drink consumption be causing canker sores and in turn, gum pain? I know I should kick the habit and see if my gums heal, and that is probably gonna be my plan of action, but I'd like to find out for sure if this is indeed the cause before banning energy drinks forever.

If I recall... Prof X is a dentist, so I'd be curious to hear what he and any other dentists on this site might have to say about this. Thanks.


Have you considered that maybe your immune system is low? What is happening may be symptomatic of something else. Perhaps you've overtrained?


Well Im kinda embarrassed to say, but Ive been doing P90X which is 6 days a week, over an hour a day, 3 days of weights and 3 of cardio and only 2400 calories a day. Ive also been working more overtime lately and getting little sleep, which is why Im drinking the energy drinks in the first place lol. I dont think Im overtrained, just under rested.