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Energy Doesn’t Stop. What’s Max Time On Cycle for Working Out Hard Every Day?

I know all natural I would burn out at max 1.5 hours… right now I’m 2.5 hours into my back workout and the energy won’t stop. Lifting heavy and hard too and having an awesome time in my home gym. Musics blaring etc… on gear how long should u push ur body even if it feels like u can do more?

Serious question. My gauge of listening to my body to tell me when I should quit doesn’t work anymore for me with this cycle. I am unsure how far I can push my body and keep making awesome gains. Rest is important too I’m aware. I keep hearing that overtraining while on gear is much harder to do but I don’t know what that translates to for max time in gym every day without over doing it.

Short answer is “individual results may vary”. But look, if you’re getting proper rest, not pushing so hard you hurt yourself, and making sure to not overtrain then I see no reason why you can’t have these longer workouts. But there’s a wall somewhere, so when you hit it you should consider backing off and letting yourself rest a little more.


I agree with iron. But i also must say i question these “3 hr” workouts. Unless your doing a full body workout its hard for me to imagine (unless there is some long breaks between sets) that working a single muscle group hard for anything over 1-1.5 hrs is productive. Im young and in good shape but if im even able to stay in the gym on one muscle group more than an hour its usually because i was bullshitin on my phone or something else and not focusing and really crushin my routine.


I try and rest 3 minutes betweeen sets. I followed mike oherns professional secrets back workout this morning for the workout.

He has 7 back exercises and then I threw in a landmine exercise too at the end:

Power rack deadlifts
Reverse grip barbel rows
Lateral front pull downs
Seated rows
Dumbbell does
Hyper extensions
Barbel shrugs
And then threw in 4 sets of landmine rows.

I did on average about 6 sets per exercise, with 3 minutes rest between each set = 144 minutes on average. A few times I probably spent 5 minutes between seats screwing around on YouTube and changing videos playing.

But that’s what I did last night. I do 3 minutes between sets as I had always heard to allow the muscles energy to recover before hitting it again each set.

Pre gear I would usually go 1 - 1.5 hours with 3 minutes rest between sets. That includes the 15 minutes of ab work too

Zeek, u r most defiantly correct that I could have cut off maybe 30 minutes extra I wasted on my phone. I called it quits shortly after my post because I knew I needed to reign it in.

Woke up this morning and yep, was definitely a good workout and I am glad I threw in the towel and didn’t keep going.

Part of this is honeymoon phase of being enhanced I realize. For me it’s so night and day difference what just taking 500 Test e/week feels like. It is so extreme I wonder if I was suffering from chronic low T and I didn’t even realize it. I am 37. I got bloodwork before I started. I asked my doc what my test was at then and all he would say was “you are fine for a 37 year old”. He is an old stingydoc though, asked for metformin once to help with aging and he actually got irritated and acted like I had asked for a prescription for crack.

From my general understanding resting longer than 2 min is based on a strength program. Where as keeping it at 45sec-2 mins is based on hypertrophy (getting bigger) so i guess it really just depends on what the goal is. Im sure you can get big and strong doing both but i believe those times are tailored to speed up each goal

I got the 3 minutes resting between sets info from Greg Doucette on his YouTube channel. Definitely makes the workouts take longer. I’ll do a little more research on rest time between sets. My goal is for size/body building,… I dont care about powerlifting.

If you have that kind of boundless energy have you considered GVT?

Actually yes, the split I had been following all natural has too much time between hitting the body parts again. I was considering a 3-4 days on, 1 day off split.

Was thinking shoulders, chest/triceps, back/arms, legs then one day off. Legs are optional as they are very developed already naturally and they already have a hard time fitting most jeans.

I find that I need to space out arms and back as far as I can if I want a decent balance. So for example I’ll do a GVT style setup for bent over rows where I’ll go 10x10 with something light like 135lbs, then do a normal series of sets of lat pull downs, then an iso lat exercise (I vary it every six weeks or so). If I do that my biceps are dead for the next three days. But if I do biceps two days before back then they’re dead going into my back routine. So it’s been a little tricky to get the right timing for how my body responds. I’m now picturing your routine and the amount of time you’re doing it and my body just aches thinking about it.

Edit: I’m one of six people on earth who doesn’t listen to music while I workout, so perhaps that’s why I go so much more quickly than most people. My phone stays in the car and it keeps me from distractions and such.


For me if I do arms it’s either on the same day AFTER I do my back workout, if not same day I’ll skip them completely and wait for the next back workout which will typically be every 4 days. I need my biceps strong and rested for my back workout or I will get a crap back workout… or worst case scenerio damage my biceps muscles if they aren’t 100% good to go.

I love back workouts, my absolute favorite day in the gym. Something about deadlifts and pull downs just do it for me hahaha.

I DEFINATELY do music… Hell now that I got a full gym built into my garage and am a single dude again I’ll even admit I’ve put spring break compilation strip videos on my main tv in my gym with bumping music… definitely helps keep the testosterone flowing!! 3am the neighbors around, if up, probably wonder what the hell is going on in my house haha.

So it’s official you arent human merely a workout alien sent from who knows where with nothing but sound advice

On another note i will say I don’t follow any certain routines by “professionals” i hit the gym 7 days a week for about 45mins to an hr each time. I rest for about 45-1.5 mins each time but I only focus on 1 group per session so if triceps is in monday biceps on tue chest wed back thurs legs fri etx etc. I understand not everyone has the luxury to dedicate this kind of time but i will sqy this routine has given me great gains for size (strength mehh so so i def get stronger but I get bigger faster than I get stronger)

Edit : i work back and chest before I work tri and bi before leg day because they are larger muscle groups and I find i can maximize workout if i do it this way if i start on bi and tri first infind my chest workout suffers a little

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