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Energy Crashes During Cardio


Ok this is the second time in a row this has happened and I'm concerned.

My cardio these days consists of 10 or so laps of the nearby track then home for some jump rope in my garden. Nothing overly taxing - moderate pace.

But for the second time in a row after 2-3 laps my energy just disappears and I feel weak and tired.


I'm on a hypercaloric diet and my last C+P meal was about an hour beforehand.

Really pissing me off.


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I havent changed anything, well havent had an upper body workout for over 2 weeks due to shoulder injury but cant see that being the issue.

Meal was chicken and rice.

Maybe you're right, maybe my immune system is tired or something.

Thanks for replying man.


why is a topic about running in the bodybuilding forum?


Where would you like me to put it?


How many times/week are you doing this?

How long ago did you start?

What kind of rice are you using? Brown, white, premium grain, instant, etc?

How many times before you do your cardio have you eaten in the day?

How much time is in between your weight training and cardio/what do you do first? I know you said you haven't done upper body in two weeks, but did you change your leg frequency at all?

You also need to remember that if your body is injured, all activities become more difficult, not just the ones that directly involve the injured body part. In addition, your shoulders are very important when it comes to running, or at least running with proper form.

What are you doing to fix the shoulder issue other than resting?



I've been doing this, or similar intensity stuff for years really.

Brown wholegrain.

Usually 3 or 4.

I usually do my cardio on non lifting days so usually 24 hrs. I have increased my leg frequency actually, I've been doing 2 x week.

Yeah I understand this, and to be honest my running form probably sucks. I just like running really for keeping me lean (and stress-free!)

Just resting it really, physio said its just a strain. I have full ROM etc.

I feel totally fine, I WANT to exercise! I'm going to try again later and see how it goes.

Thanks for replying man.


So you're doing cardio, outdoors, during the summer and you're feeling tired? Hmmmm you don't say? lol

OP, you said this has happened only twice? Nothing to panic about now. You're allowed to feel weak and tired every once in a while but if it happens every time you do anything physical I'd start to worry


Well theres a difference between a Californian summer and an Irish Summer!!

Not just tired but really crappy and lethargic. Once in a while yeah but twice in a row has got me worried. Actually I'm more pissed off than worried!

I'm going out again tonight, making absolutely sure I'm hydrated, carbed up etc. If it happens again its time to visit the doc.

Cheers man.


Is that your contribution to this thread? ..



let us know how it goes today. hopefully it was just a little funk that you were in and now you'll be back to normal.


maybe you just need a day off?

could it be that your training has built up some accumulated fatigue or something like that


Happy Days!! Went much better, was a little tired towards the end of the running and only did about half the usual jump rope but whatever was affecting me seems to have mostly passed.

Let the endorphins flow!!

I guess I just panicked a little - like a junkie needs his hit lol!!

Thanks for the replies guys, really appreciate it.


well - is running now considered body building?

i mean we did have a guy ask if he could run steps for his leg workout. So maybe I got body building wrong? I didn't realize running would help me create platz like quads - I may now need to buy a wheelchair so my legs dont get too big cause you know I want to fit in skinny jeans and such.

OP - conditioning, get a life, beginner are three better subforums off the top of my head that would deal with a question on running.


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Thanks man. Transient fatigue is a new term for me!


I dont normally feed the trolls but what the hell....

Name one bodybuilder, professional or otherwise, who does not do cardio.

Just one.


I can name a mr Olympia - Dexter Jackson


Actually Dexter started doing cardio a few years ago, before he won the Olympia. You are right that he said back in '03 that he didn't though.


Sir, I think you're doing it wrong.
Something like "why is a topic about running in the powerlifting forum?"

That's closer to correct.