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Energy Consumption & Expenditure.....

…for Muscle Building

Hey everyone, I would appreciate if you could take a look at my energy consumption and expenditure:

I wake up at 4 in the morning and eat two servings of oatmeal, 16 oz of skim milk and a granola bar. (630 Calories)

I then perform cardio for 35 minutes, on fast days I do a little over 4 miles, on easy days I do a little over 3 and a quarter. This cardio is performed on a steep incline and the machine says I burn around 525 calories.

I then come home and eat 4 servings of eggbeaters (120 calories) and organic blueberry waffles with sugar free syrup (200 calories)

About 3 to 4 hours later I go into the gym and perform six exercises, today is Chest and Triceps, it is a Monday after all, and from reading Scrawny to Brawny I calculated that I’m burning about 400 calories in a 1.5 hour session.

Then I eat two turkey sandwiches, on whole wheat bread, approx 400 calories, a granola bar 130 calories, an orange and some grapes. I don’t know the calories of those though.

Then 2 hours later some almonds, fat free yogurt and a medium sized banana, approximately 380 calorie meal.

Then for dinner usually a 10 oz turkey burger (on whole wheat organic bun) or 8 oz skinless chicken breast or 8 oz fillet of salmon served with a medium sized sweet potato or two servings of pinto beans or a serving of fruit. Meal totals approx 550-600 calories.

Then before bed a casein protein shake with skim milk and a serving of oatmeal, approx 460 calories.

I am 180 pounds weighing myself right after breakfast, only time I can get to a scale. I’m around 9 percent bodyfat and basically I’m looking for some responses on my diet. I have to perform cardio every morning at that time because of my job, so I’m basically looking for some people to tell me that I’m not putting enough energy in my body, after reading Scrawny to Brawny my calorie intake is supposed to be well over 4,000 calories a day to add weight and I just want to make sure my calories are and energy expenditure calcs are correct. I haven’t even taken into account the thermic effect of food yet either.

Anyways any critiques on my diet and energy calcs would be great and I know some would say that this is a nutrition post but technically I’m asking about energy consumption for building muscle not about food.

Thanks in advance for any insights and help,


Bro to be honest we and no equation can tell you no matter how scientific. They are all estimates for REAL life good starting points. Are you gianing?? Losing?? or maintaining?? which ever one then make the adjustments if needed in intake to suit your goals.

Hope that helps,