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Energy Boost with Little or No Caffeine?


Okay I'm getting back into my routine but now that I'm a student again I don't always go to the gym with tons of energy. Sometimes I'm mentally drained from studying which makes my body tired as well.

Caffeine and I don't work well together. I have taken supplements with caffeine in them and I get anything from extremely shakey hands to what feels like panic attacks.

Is there anything else I can take to get a boost? Can I get my body to respond better to caffeine if I start with much lower doses? Why do I react this way to caffeine?

Thanks for any input.
It feels great to be back : )


You might try some Power Drive, it may help keep your brain up which should help keep your body up as well. I took it when I was in school and it seemed to do the trick.



how about Spike?


I'm a fan of it as well; I can't have caffeine either.


Acetyl L-Carnitine, last time I took it, improved my alertness; Not so much a boost (as one would want before the gym) but more-so wakeful-ness, which would be nice before a class (which is when I took them)


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Maybe try Green Tea?

Not only do you get the healthy stuff in them, generally, green teas (at least the ones I get) are lower in caffeine.

If you find it's TOO low, as in you don't get ANY effect you can always steep it longer or try 2 bags.

Currently I'm using this: www.traditionalmedicinals.com/green_teas/product/36 (which according to the supp facts has 25mg of caffeine)

All I add are a couple of drops of Stevia and maybe an ice cube (it's been hot here, so hot tea + hot weather don't mix well for me :slight_smile:

Hope that helps


Thanks for the suggestions. After I'm done studying for my next exam I'll look into Power Drive and Spike. I do drink green tea on occasion. It doesn't seem to make me more alert. I can handle low doses of caffeine and it doesn't do much to me at all. It's the high doses that make me nutty.


L-Tyrosine. It is the cheapest and most effective pre-workout supplement! Once you start taking it you will never look back.


I have the same problem! It's like I have a high threshold in which caffeine doesn't affect me at all to a point, but once i go over that amount it's insane... heart racing, muscle twitching, and a throbbing headache.


Simple carbs work well for energy.

Anything from a pre-workout drink to a piece of fruit can give you a good boost. Honey is good because it is portable and does not expire - so you can keep it in your car or gym bag.

A healthy diet with good whole foods should give you plenty of energy.


I absolutely agree under normal circumstances but the mental fatigue from studying for long hours is really draining, particularly since I have only been back to school since August.


how about a 20 minute nap? Quick nap makes me feel tons better, and it's free.


anyone mentioned yerba mate? Works for me--


If caffeine in high doses makes you nutty then Spike is NOT what you should be trying.


Ponce are you telling me these people are recommending something with a lot of caffeine in it, exactly what I'm trying to avoid?


There's Caffeine-Free Spike, which I hope is what they were talking about, as a Spike Shooter has 300mg of caffeine on top of yohimbine and a bunch of other stuff.

That shit gives ME panic attacks, for fuck's sake.


Eat an apple on the way to the gym. Please.


chalk up another vote for Power Drive. it is the only reason i am able to lift in the mornings now. it used to take a few hours before i felt fully awake, but now i'm at the gym within an hour of waking and feel great. i have a heart condition so i have to avoid caffeine too.


Yes, and by the way, water is wet.