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Energy Boost While Dieting

What do you guys do to ensure you have adequate energy levels to meet your workout whilst you are dieting? I am currently limiting my carbs somewhat but really want to still lift heavy and with some intensity. What would you advise?

I am cutting right now. I have found that a protein shake, a glass of V8, a couple green tea capsules, and 250 milligrams of caffeine does wonders for me. I don’t even feel like I’m carb depleted.

I take all this about 20 minutes before I lift. Once in awhile I’ll eat a can of sardines too, I don’t know why sardines would help but it always seems like I have a good lifting session when I eat them.

I like Spike Shooters, I drink half a can before a workout. If I don’t have Spike Shooters with me I have this gum called “Mad Croc” which had caffeine in it that gives me a boost.

Otherwise if I am REALLY low carb that day I go for some good fat in nuts or down one of those beef jerky and cheese stick packages with some milk.