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Enemy Nukes In the US?


I don't know about the reliability of these sources, but this has to be the most disturbing things I have read in some time:


Regardless of what you think of Joe Farah or Worldnet Daily, can we afford to be wrong on this issue?


It's extremely scary and sadly very possible.

I also think that the main reason they haven't used one yet is the fear and certainty of an overwhelming retaliation. They may have 5 or 10 bombs. Is it worth losing the Peshwar, Mecca, Medina, Western Afganistan?

Make no mistake a nuke used on the US removes all restraint. It is my guess that the response will be overwhelming, immediate and overnight.
The follow up invasion will be in the millions. Think Normandy, not Baghdad.

That's why they haven't used one. I fully expect it to happen, regardless of our policies, within the next few years.


A nice thought with which to start the week.

I wish I could find some sand to stick my head.


Is that even a valid website? You would think news like this would be front page news on every major US publication. There's an MS-13 presence here in Northern VA. After seeing what they've done in their neighborhoods here, I wouldn't put a collaboration al Qaida past them.

I think it's safe to say that if they do use a nuke on our soil, their "sacred land" will become a giant prism visible from space.


When I lived in Lower Manhattan I never doubted my nieghborhood was at the top of the target list.


It's one of the most popular news sites on the web.



However, I do have some questions.

I doubt the veracity of the website. Is this Farah guy pushing some kind of agenda? A look at his website leads one to believe he is a xenophobe or racist.

Why have we not heard about this before?

Still, better to be safe than sorry. I pray the intelligence agencies are working overtime on this baby.

I'm going to try and see if I can find this (news?) elsewhere.


I asked my dad about this article. He's with US Army CID (Criminal Investigation Division) and he said al Qaida was trying to use MS-13 to smuggle nukes into the US via Mexico but weren't successful in coercing them. Take that FWIW.


My guess (guess, mind you) is that this is material concocted by those that have an agenda with respect to personal identification and illegal immigration.


I actually agree with you on this one (hey, it can happen) :-).



In this case I actually hope you are right.

Nobody "wins" a nuclear exchange.


IF they were lucky enough to get a single nuke into the country, I don't think they'd sit on their ass waiting to see if they could get more in. It would be taken straight to DC and blown.


That article discusses the porous border with Mexico more than it does the supposed nukes.

Seems like someone has an agenda.



in any case, id back our government 100% if they decided to seal all borders and unhesitantly eviscerate every terrorist organization on the planet.

im reminded of the end of the world religious types that believe the Bible (specifically Revelation and Ezekiel) warns us that this will happen.


I think in the event the Islamist jihadis actually managed to pull off detonating multiple nuclear devices into the USA, we have likely made it abundantly clear to their national 'sponsors' that if such a cataclysmic event were to take place in the USA, then multiple Trident missiles aboard Ohio-class submarines in the Indian Ocean would soon make every holy city in Islam radioactively unapproachable for the next 10,000 years.

And one of the five Pillars of Islam is their duty to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. A post-Cold War version of the old MAD doctrine, but possible. It was rumored for years that the old Red Army Spetnaz had prepositioned ADMs (Atomic Demolition Munitions, i.e. suitcase nukes) here in the US to use in the event of a war, but deterrence worked.


Another red flag in this article is the comment about using cell phones to detonate bombs since 1988. Cellphones were just being commercially available around 1987 (?). I seriously doubt the Soviets had them in '88.


Could you go over that "deterrance" thing again?


The Modern Democratic Party.


lol @ Jerffy.

Yeah, that's where you DON'T actually have to USE force while standing up to someone... nitwit.


The Dems have not understood this for decades.

I have heard many forms of unilateral disarmarment from the Dems for the last 30 years.


That story has some flaws. The description of the suitcase nukes doesn't sound right, plutonium is the material of choice for small nukes.

Smuggling anything across the mexican border is a good way to get caught.

I don't think ms13 would want to help kill most of their customers.

I doubt the USSR would have taken the risk involved with smuggling nukes into the US.

I doubt that we would just start nuking muslim countries as a response to a nuclear attack.