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Endurus Runners Serum Any Good?


Hi I'm 30 years old and still playing a high level of rugby, as I am getting on a bit I need all the help I can get with stamina and endurance, I do train hard and do a lot of CV work of course, but I am not adverse to taking a little supplement to help, anyway my questions is:

Has anyone tried Endurus Runners Serum?

Is it any good?


More info below:

Endurus Runners Serum Male - Product Description

Endurus Runners Serum is ideal for runners and endurance athletes because it provides strength, stamina and joint protection throughout your body, throughout your run. It also delays lactic acid build-up, preventing muscle fatigue so you can exercise longer.

Every ingredient in Endurus is perfectly soluble, making them perfectly bioavailable. Ready to be absorbed quickly by your body. Taken in small doses under the tongue, each nutrient is absorbed directly through the mucous membranes of the mouth, completely bypassing the stomach and digestive tract.

The serum quickly migrates to where it's needed and provides a lift a few minutes later.
No loading, no cycling, no water retention, no dehydration. In other words, no side effects.

The scientific team that first created liquid Vitamin C have formulated a blend of powerful amino acids, herbs and nutrients that increase ATP production and delay lactic acid build up. This results in increased energy and stamina on demand and builds lean muscle mass and cardiovascular reserves. So you can fly.

Endurus Runners Serum Male - Ingredients and Usage information

D-Ribose 250 mg D-Glucose 100 mg Glucosamine sulfate 100 mg Magnesium Ascorbate 100mg Calcium Pantonthenate 50 mg Calcium Pyruvate 50 mg Citrus Bioflavoids 50mg Green Tea Extract 50 mg Guarana Extract 50 mg L-Arginine 50 mg L-Carnitine 50 mg Siberian Ginseng 50 mg Royal Jelly 30 mg Vitamin B12 15 mg Zinc Gluconate 15 mg Chromium Piconolate 10 mcg Other ingredients: Gycerine, Sorbitol, Distilled Water & Natural Flavoring

Suggested Usage:
1 teaspoon 5(ml) taken immediately before each workout. Take sublingually (under the tongue) or with a little water. Creatine Serum begins to absorb immediately, so just swallow. *Keep refrigerated or at room temperature


Some of these ingredients may be beneficial, but the dosages of most of them are way to low to have a positive effect in most individuals.

This product was developed with the kitchen-sink philosophy. Use lots of popular active ingredients that people will recognize and purchase the product, but keep the dosages so low that it can be made cheaply and sold with a big profit margin.