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Alright… I need to be able to hold a squat position with my arms up (crossed so i get a lot right delt strainm left is ok) for a long time… I’m thinking practice for that will be the best thing to do. I really need any advice for this maybe any martial artists have any advice? PLEASE respond

Although I’m not sure of exactly what you are trying to say, it sounds like you could benefit from some rock bottom front squats with a time under tension of up to 70-90 seconds.

I would also recommend stretching more. Stretch at least 5 min in the morning (post-shower works great) and 5 min in the evening. In addition to what you’re doing now for class.

If you are trying to maintain that position, like yoga. Practice the position and focus on relaxing as much as possible. The more you tense the quicker you will trier. My first karate instructor had all his yellow belts hold a deep horse stance for forty-five minutes as part of their qualification test for green belt. Best of Luck.

I would hold a squat postition for a long time.

Seriously though, what Older lifter said. Deep breathing, and meditation.

Try some squats while holding weight in a static position , while also rehearsing the movement without weight. Good luck.

Coach Hale