Endurance Training Methods

okay. Im looking for some good methods to make my endurance really good. Any tips?

What are you trying to endure?

Wrestling matches and boxing matches

Well for boxing I would use jump rope and heavy bag hitting/kicking. For wrestling I would use a sandbag and a bunch of bodyweight drills with special emphasis on ground work. Theses are two different styles that require different techniques for training endurance.

I could have just as easily answered jogging for hours and hours but that isn’t necessarily going to have any transfer to those sports other than maybe providing a base level of aerobic conditioning.

Build your work capacity slowly. Start by building a base level of power and then building on that by adding how long you can use that power. Think in terms of how long rounds go for a starting point for duration and build up to it: for example, 3x3 to 5x5 minute rounds.

I can’t give you much for boxing, but I have some limited BJJ experience. I don’t think running has much transfer, but as the previous post says, sandbag work and body-weight stuff. Sandbag cleans chased down by shuttle sprints skyrocket your heart rate and get you used to manipulating an uneven load while you’re breathing heavily. Sandbag get-ups have a great transfer to trying to get someone off you if you’re on your back, and you can muscle through them with less precise form and greater speed than turkish get-ups.