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Endurance Sports

After searching and coming up with a few articles about people’s journeys to Kona and such, it got me thinking. I have been coming here for my nutrition/supplement/lifting advice, but have been going elsewhere to get my endurance sports info. I would love to see a section for endurance sports. Ironman Tri’s and stuff like that, plus the specific nutrition strategies and lifting plans that would best suit endurance athletes. Anyone else interested, or am I the only one with the bug?

you’re definitely not alone. while this site is primarily for bodybuilders and powerlifters, you’ll find plenty of folks just looking for solid lifting info. and among those folks, you’ll find plenty of runners, triathletes and the like. self included.

while i think i’m done with my personal marathon days, i still coach other marathoners/half-marathoners and help begining triathletes getting into the sport. i also just did a two day, 150 mile bike ride last weekend. and as a non-cyclist, it was definitely an experience.

while my personal training strategies and goals have changed over the years, there’s still an interest in the area of endurance. and so many things i wish i would have known then.

Good to know that I’m not alone! I just found a thread called The Road to Kona that had been going on for over a year that I’d never seen.

I’d love to see some workouts geared towards endurance athletes here. Most of the stuff that I see on other sites is garbage. “On your off days, you may want to do a few light sets of curls, you know, to tone your arms…” I’d love a T program geared towards performance while training for a marathon. I also don’t want to lose the muscle that I spent so much time building.

I’d definitly like to see something like that. An occasional article or two with endurance athletes in mind would be a huge help.
I’d love to see what some of the authors here would recommend as to what muscles/exercises would be the most helpful.

Yes, I’d like to see either a forum or maybe an occasional article about training for endurance athletes. I’m thinking of trying a few sprint distance triathalons this summer just get outside of the gym a bit more and to try and do something different for a while. Also, as a kid I was always more endurance-oriented and seem to be “better” at these type of sports.

I’m thinking of starting up a triathalon program at the end of my current training cycle, which still has 8 weeks to go. So a few more guys discussing endurance stuff would be a help while I’m thinking about how to train.

At the very least we could start an endurance training thread and discuss ideas there.



While waiting for this section to appear, does anyone know about any forums similar to this, but for endurance / tri athletes?