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Endurance Sport Cycle


30+ yr old racer entering the off season. want to add strength this winter but need to stay as lean as possible. would like input on this proposed cycle:

8 weeks: primo 75 mg/day; andriol 6 caps per day.

then follow this up w/a 4 week cycle of Clen 1 tab/day for the first 2 weeks then 2 tabs/day weeks 3 and 4.

I’m lifitng 3x per week focusing on basic lifts: squats, deadlifts, cleans, bench, pull ups, etc

Any comments would be welcome.


i don’t have exp with it but I have heard a number of guys claim good results doing test/eq for endurance sports. They are supposed to work synergistically so you don’t have to do massive amounts to get great results. EQ will also increase EPO. If you are looking for lean strength gains you may want something like var or winny.

thx…what are var and winny?

No offense but I think you need to do some more reading before jumping into your cycle. ‘Var’ is short for anavar, and ‘winny’ is the common name for winstrol, or more specifically, the compound stanozolol. 8 week of andriol would be pretty tough on the liver I’d think. Do some research about clen and endurance cycles using the search engine here and I’m sure you’ll find all the info you need. Good luck.

i would think that test,EQ and var would be a decent endurance/strength cycle. if you may be tested, might want to stick to orals like var and OT.

personally, i think you should just go with Alpha Male or something similar.

thx for all the input - testing is a concern and I’m not fond of needles (but who is) so that’s why I was heading down the oral route. In the off-season, the next 3 months, the idea is to gain as much lower body stregth as possible. being able to recover fast is also key.

any insight on the clen? once Jan rolls around and racing starts up again I will need to be as lean as possible. also, I can probably get Provigil - anyone have exp w/that product?

thx again

you should have mentioned that in the begining. If you aren’t competing right now and need to add mass without having to have endurance that changes the cycle.

There are drugs that will help you run longer/harder and drugs that will help you put on mass so you have more speed. You should really take a look at each of the steroid profiles on the web and read through the steroid newby thread here to figure out which one(s) you are looking for.