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Endurance/Speed/Strength/Cardio Cycle for Athlete


I’ve recently returned to training MMA after a year away due to personal medical reasons, I have 6 cycles under my belt from when I was focused on body building but I am for the first time concentrating on a cycle purely for MMA.

The goal of this cycle is too get back too and past my genetic potential for Endurance/Speed/Strength/Cardio, I will not be competing while on this cycle as I don’t believe that is the right thing to do despite 80-90% of fighters doing it anyway, I am aware that after PCT I will only maintain my natural/genetic potential in these areas without being ON.

in other words its a boost to get back into top fighting shape in a few months rather then a couple years, I’m getting old for MMA and time is not on my side.

This cycle is a work in progress and I plan to be patient before beginning to ensure everything is sound.

I have what I consider decent experience with multi compound bulking/cutting cycles, but no experience with a cycle specifically designed for MMA so i appreciate any input from those that do.

The cycle:

Testosterone Enanthate - weeks 1-12 @ 500mg per week
Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) - weeks 1-12 @ 500mg per week
Masteron Enanthate - weeks 1-12 @ 500mg per week
Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) - weeks 1-12 @ 500mg per week

Anavar weeks 1-6 and 9-14 @50mg per day(stopping 3 days before the end of week 14)
Halotestin weeks 1-4 @ 30-40mg per day and Anavar weeks 9-14 @ 50mg per day (stopping 3 days before the end of week 14)

HCG weeks 2-8 500IU 2x per week
HCG weeks 10-14 (stopping 3 days before the end of week 14)

AI: Arimidex .5 every third day weeks 1-14
Liver protection: Milk Thistle + Liv 52

Clomid 50/50/50/50 weeks 14-17
Vitamin E 400mg per day for 4 weeks


  1. I’m aware that running Halo and Anavar together is a big no no, however is running halo first followed by anavar ok or will this be too harsh on the liver?

  2. These compounds are new to me and I’m aware my doses for some may still need to be adjusted if so please let me know to what dosages you recommend and why?

  3. I have never used clomid and nolva together for a PCT as I have usually been restricted to only clomid due to tren etc.
    would running nolva and clomid provide a faster recovery from this cycle?

I greatly appreciate any help/constructive criticism, thanks bros!