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Endurance/speed sports training

I tried searching “soccer” in subject line,gave me error.Here’s the deal.I am not technically gifted for soccer,tennis etc.I am participating in an indoor soccer tournament the next few weeks,and I find my stamina is low.So is speed.I am thinking that interval sprints will be my best bet for these things:
Up endurance,speed bursts for a period of time.
I also play field soccer almost every Sunday.
I feel that although I am not gifted,I can work hard out there running if I got the stamina.I would rather do that than nothing at all.Anyone play soccer/tennis? Training??
I am not built for basketball and stuff again,but having stamina really helps on defence.

What about DIET?I need to eat something before the indoor soccer game tomorrow.Solid foods give me hell even 2-3 hrs before the game.Liquids?Gatorade eh?

Shit,I guess my dream of muscle body will lie in future.Right now,I got mah sports! :slight_smile:

Man, if you’ve only got a few weeks you’re screwed. Why pay so much attention to detail now? How much do you think you can achieve in a few weeks…
You should have been asking yourself those questions last year my friend…

Do a search for renegade rope training in the mag back issues. With three weeks of hard training you can significantly improve your indurance. I recommend 4x a week, steadly improving your interval time. How I progressed is to do the prescribed jump, (double jump, hip-turn) until you’re about to keel over and then (for the rest of the time interval) jump regularly, perhaps even jumping twice before turning the rope once. Best of luck, and as Coach Davies puts it, “Human will is infusable.”

Ok,I don’t want to come across here as “want results in 3 weeks”.I want to start now.


Although its hard to believe, you can get in pretty good shape for indoor soccer in three weeks (or improve whatever shape you’re in quite a lot). Try Renegade Rope Training three times a week, as outlined in the article - hits both endurance and agility at once. Also, some sprinting will be of assistance. You’re not going to get anywhere doing long distance runs - that’s not what indoor is about. Four to five sessions (3 rope work, 2 sprinting/intervals), in addition to maybe two weights workouts, should have you on the way to what you’re after. Pre-game, try blending some oatmeal, a banana, and some protein powder with water. Shouldn’t cause you any problems and is a good, tasty liquid meal. During the game, sip on a sports drink, and of course a post-workout beverage afterwards. I wish I was playing indoor at the moment, but I’m crippled with osteitis pubis =( Good luck!!!

Kent and Bruva,thanks for the responses,because that was what I was looking for(not the “haha,u should have done that 100 yrs ago”)

I say skip the Renegade stuff. That type of work may build up “general” fitness, but that’s not what you’re after right now. The best thing for you would be to do repeated high -intensity intervals. Do this on the surface you will be playing on, not a treadmill. Perform intervals at anywhere from 75% to 100% of max speed for various differences. If you’re playing on a basketball-sized court, chances are you won’t be running further than twenty to thirty feet at higher speeds, so focus on repeated sprints of 10 to 30 feet. Also, be sure to include changes of direction in your sprints (eg. around cones), and try to make this as random as possible - some quick, short direction changes and some longer ones as well. It’s all about training specificity. Try to do your intervals two to three days a week, and work some ball skills in as a warm-up and cooldown. Good luck.