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Endurance PEDs for Cyclists/Runner?

Hi guys. Anyone experience or knowledge of a endurance stack for cyclist.

I’ve tried a few different options over last 2 years but can’t say I’ve found the perfect stack

Currently do mild cycles then TRT doses.

Have you added EQ to your stack. Its good for raising rbc count which is good for extra endurance. If you are competing, EQ would be very easy to detect in a doping test, and the metabolites stay around in your system for up to 18months after stopping.

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Yes I’ve tried EQ and think that’s what I’ll run again @200 mg /WK alongside TRT test P.

Any other suggestions

Anything that’s known to raise RBC count fairly dramatically independent of significant water retention would probably serve you well. EPO is very dangerous to be screwing around with, certainly wouldn’t recommend that (I know plenty of cyclists use this)

Are you training within tested competitions? If so, deca is OUT… stay away from nandrolone

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Sorry, should have clarified at start…no I do not compete not even in amateur competitions.

I compete against myself in gym and on bike and training is just for personal development/fun.

EPO is as you say far too dangerous… wouldn’t consider.

EQ and turinabol. Though oddly I’ve seen a huge endurance boost from my latest run on anavar, which was unexpected. But stay away from that one. It’s notorious for causing cramping, especially in the calves, which would not be great for a cyclist.

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I ran 400mg of EQ by itself almost 15 years ago (had no idea what I was doing or even what Boldenone was or did) and the main thing I noticed was I went from doing zero cardio to having an urge & the ability to run miles every day. It was a crazy feeling. Legit felt like Rocky in the movie where he was running all through the city. It works. I also had an insatiable hunger for protein. I ate chicken breasts all day even though before EQ I absolutely hated chicken breasts. No matter how much I ate I’d be hungry 2 hours later. I also had a boost in wellbeing and it gave me a lot of energy.

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Anavar has a higher predispensity regarding RBC increase than most give it credit for

Higher RBC count = more efficient delivery of oxygenated blood = higher endurance

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EQ, Masteron, GW (Cardarine), EPO (only if you’re a competitive athlete), aswell as honestly any anabolic that doesn’t aromatise because they pretty much all increase RBC.

You’d have to find an appreciable dose in which the compound

  • increases RBC count but doesn’t induce polycythemia
  • doesn’t induce cramping
    I think you’d be confined to fairly low dosages. For me specifically deca appears to raise haemoglobin/RBC count faster than test/whatever
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That’s been the tricky thing…to find dose of whatever compound that gives desired affect but doesn’t give sides that deteriorate bike performance.

Much over 150-200mg test puts too much water weight on. Winny gives insane sprinting but pumps nasty.

Do like anavar… considering a run at just 25mg PD.

EQ did really help last year but the appetite was insane which I did not want. However, my current plan.

Tempted to run, 125 Test P, (much less water weight than eanth) 200 EQ plus small amount of tren A 50-100…for strength and help appetite suppression.

I run HGH 2iu morning/night 3xweek

Above does seem a strange mix… hopefully the very modest tren wouldn’t affect cardio.

Really am wanting to drop some weight at same time…with more miles/training should come off gradually in a month.

Thanks for help so far. My new fav forum.

This is especially true because even moderate test dosages make me cramp