Endurance GPP?

I wanted to start incorperating more gpp into my workout plan, mostly with two heavy sessions and one lighter session in between workout days. I’m planning on doing a variety of hammer and axe striking and sandbag/people carries (old habit from wrestling).

Do the same rules about overtraining apply here? It seems like I’m simply training my body to recover quicker this way. I’m currently on ABBH II and while I like my results I wouldn’t mind doing some extra work between workouts to get stronger.

Thanks in advance

Having a “heavy GPP day” and a “light GPP day” is really overthinking things, and makes me want to cry a little.

GPP should just be a little something extra to do on the days you don’t lift. It shouldn’t be balls-out intense or anything too stressful. Think “fun”. Think “playtime”. Get out, move around a bit, carry your people, swing your axe (not into the people), hit the hammer.

If you are following ABBH II, I’d double check to see if Chad Waterbury designed rest days for a reason (maybe toss a question in his Locker Room).