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Endurance Geeks

While I’ve been considered a friend to the endurance geeks of the world, my loyalties still lie with my weight training brethren. To this end, my labmate Eric Noreen (a sporadic t-mag contributor) and I are always battling about which group is cooler, wields more power, etc. While our 2 worlds did collide when none other than Arnold presented Lance the yellow jersey during one stage of the tour, we’ve polarized again.

Recently Eric submitted an entry for some free bike wheels at an endurance web site. To win the wheels, he needs to have the most votes of any entries. Of course, I did bust his shrunken, low testosterone nads about how his endurance geek friends wouldnt be able to rally enough votes to make him a winner. And I was right. Now, in order to show him who truly wields that power, I’m going to call out my T-brethren for one final surge of votes.

T-Men and T-Vixens - Since July 1 the endurance geeks have only mustered 2000 votes in total. How about we head over to the site and show them what real power is! I want bragging rights in the lab until Dec when I graduate and beyond.

All you have to do is go to:


Vote for contestant #7 Eric Noreen

It’ll take you less than a minute and you wont be put on a mailing list or anything like that.

Let me know how many of you do it so I can rub it in daily.

I voted!

There ya go. That shoulder pic is gnarly.

My wife and I both gave him a vote.

Ok I voted - what was it for? :D)

John, I was going to ask you about this one day - I’m someone who wants to be muscular and lean, and also be good at cycling. They are almost conflicting goals. The nutrition & training for each can be quite different. Got any advice or articles you can point me to?

      \  /


One more here

I voted for eric what do I get? We should get a t-mag shirt (new ones) for voting for this guy.

Johnny B…

Your indispensable dietary advice has purchased my vote. Arnold had called earlier and left a message regarding his use of it but I had my people phone and tell him “Fuck off Numbnuts, B’ardi owns the 'Cakes vote”.

Stupid Oak.

“A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls”

~ Dan Quayle


But… #1 is so much prettier than Eric!

NB, T-constituency; the site won’t work with Mozilla. Put up with IE, just this once.

If this works, I say we take on the '04 presidential elections, too.

So for once I went with peer pressure.
Nothing wrong with that.
One more vote counted.

Well, he got my vote.


I voted too.

For everyone’s interest, here’s a lovely picture of this incredible duo: Eric Noreen and JB.

Doesn’t JB look like an angel? HA!

I voted. He’s in third place so far.

Giddyup (Kramer’s voice).


I voted.

Jeff H.

Site works with Safari.

I knew my t-brethren would come through. Eric’s stock is on the rise. And for those of you wondering what he wins - if we put him over the top, he does wins a set of bike tires BUT it’s not about the bike! More importantly, he also wins the realization that the T-nation is way cooler than his rag-tag band of misfits.

Keep dem votes comin!