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Endurance Geeks Part 2


I just want to follow up in saying thanks to all of you for voting. Mobilizing the t-nation is great fun.

But it's not over yet!

The annoying guy who chrismcl said had the "stupid, punch-able face" is coming back!

I dont know what kind of kung-fu this guy has but he must be defeated - on principle. If Eric wins, we all win.

Those of you on dial-up can vote more than once since you are assigned different IP addresses each time you dial up. This means you can vote every day or more than once per day. That's probably with our arch-rival is doing. Voting is much better than spending time with your families :slight_smile:

For those of you at Universities, you can vote at multiple library or computer lab computers. Voting is much better than studying :slight_smile:

For those of you at offices, all computers are fair game. Voting is much better than working :slight_smile:



How much longer is this thing going to go on? I thought it said it would end a couple of days ago? Bikers can't do anything right.

I'm at work. I work in IT. I have access to a LOT of computers. I'll do my best.


so do I. I can two more votes from my house and 8 from work by the way what dowe get out of this other then to help your fellow t-man out.


Nothing, you greedy little pest.

Just kidding. About the "greedy little pest" part. Not the nothing part. It's not what Berardi can do for you, but what you can do for Berardi.


Dangnammit, JB:

I have THREE computers in my office; and I'm all awone (summer, and I work in a University).

So...okay....I'll go turn 'em all on and vote....again...and again.

You owe me a beer, dude. BIG TIME.


I thought it was over on last Saturday (this my attempts to get everyone voting at the last minute to surprise that dude and sneak away with the victory) but apparently it ends this Saturday.

Perhaps if everyone votes on friday nite, he wont have time to respond and we'll walk away victorious! BWHHAAHAHA!

Fitone - you get the satisfaction of knowing that you're not like the rest of the cretins in the world looking out only for what they get, not caring whether they actually help out anyone else (including their t-brethren). Perhaps you wanted something more tangible?