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Endurance From High Reps?


Is the endurance that you get from high reps the same as you get from running?



IT will increase your aerobic capacity over being sedentary by a lot, but it will not build "endurance" the same way that endurance based activities like distance running will.


depending on the exercise its a similar concept but not nearly the same.

Running utilizes the full body for a length of time. If you do a bench press, your only using a few upperbody muscles for maybe 1.5 minutes even if you do a 100 reps. It will have similar metabolic effects on those particular upperbody muscles as running does on the legs but nearly nothing for your heart unless your out of shape.

The closes you can get is to repeatedly squat for however long you would run, but then the weight would have to be so low you would be better off running.

What effect are you looking for?


I do MMA so i need to have alor of endurance to last rounds. Also, i would like to able to do 80 push ups and 30 pull ups (i currently can do 50 push ups, 12 pull ups with a body weight of 185 lbs).