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Endurance Cycle, Need Advice

I’ve ran a few cycles now of test250 and test400. Im training for a military course and need to make sure my run is fast. Mile in 7 min or less.

I’m looking at stacking Cardarine 20mg and Stenabolic 10mg a day.

What’s your thought on these together? Anyone try? Also might add HGH… thoughts?

Please any advice would be helpful. Haven’t found anything on here with this stack. And I’m just trying to gain that edge as I’m not no young buck anymore lol

Nothing lol. :wink: I’m counting on you guys

Never even heard of these.

I think you’d be better off with some sort of metabolic increaser. Too bad ephedra isnt around anymore. I used to run for miles on that stuff.

You’ve never heard of these? They have been around for ever. And in Canada you can buy ephedrine over the counter anywhere.

hgh should be run for at least 6 months to a year at a time. that doesn’t seem appropriate for your situation.

Honestly though man… you need to take drugs to run a 7 minute mile? why not just train for that? It’s a really fucking easy thing to do.


If its real mu huang ephedra with the right alkaloids, then use it to train like @flipcollar suggests.

I have been training for that and have my mile down to 7min now. I’m just looking for more of a boost through training as in getting close to the date of course.

And i have heard that about the HGH too

Yeah, we can get here in the form of Bronkaid. Its like ephedra light. It doesnt have the alkaloids that the old school stuff did. I’m old and I used the shit out of ephedra. Was such a great boost.

You can try stacking your ephedra with caffiene tablets, or L tryosine (which is a L dopamine agonist) there is also Vinpocetine which is a vasodilator.

Here is a link to supplements for runners too.

Sorry, brother, I just dont think there is a gear cocktail to increase your speed…unless its speed! LOL

I was going to say, just go cruise a college and find some kids who look tired and stressed, they 13/10 have a connection to someone selling Adderall.

(Don’t actually do this)


So I remember reading about GW a few years ago, and the research made me not willing to touch the stuff. I have not read up on stenabolic, that’s why I haven’t actually addressed it in this thread.

If you’re dead set on taking something, winstrol is not a bad steroid for runners, and EQ can help with cardiovascular endurance as well.

AHHHHHH my tendons

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you’re not moving against heavy resistance though. I assume that’s why runners don’t suffer negative effects from it.

AAAHHHHHHH MY LIPIDS (and potentially tendons)



As a daily runner who’s done a few cycles, most everything other than straight Test has hindered my progress due to the pumps. Calves, shins, lower back. Shit gets brutal. Running a mild dose of T, like 200 - 400 mg/wk, depending on your experience and receptiveness to it, with a low dose of anti-e to keep the water off would be my choice. Good luck and godspeed, sir.

I might recommend a light dose of EQ, say 200mg/week if you have several weeks before the course. The increase in red blood cells is a side effect enjoyed by endurance athletes. Also the collagen production increase can’t hurt.