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Endurance Athletes..errr...Diet

So after moving to NYC I quit bike racing…I moved from Texas where there is hardly a winter. Needless to say I went back to my old ways of lifting heavy and eating everything in site. So after riding a little bit last year…I’m going to go back to racing. Now what to do with all this mass.

When I’m lower in weight I’m competitive in the Cat. 3 races and was close to upgrading…but right now I’m 220lbs…at 5’7"…I’ll post pics when I get home. Here is my diet:

B-5-8 egg whites.1 serving oatmeal. Coffee. 1 fruit.
Snack-1 cup beans or 1 can tuna…1 handful walnuts
Lunch-8-10 oz. chicken with either 1serving veggies or yam/potatoe or 1 cup rice w/small veggie
Snack-Walnuts or 2tbs. Valencia Peanut butter
Dinner 6-8oz of fish w/Veggie…right now I do a dressing but will cut that out later.

Whaddya think? I’m only a few days in and fuck I have cravings. Also my bowels are cleaning themselves out. Weekends I have more beef, and will have liver too. Shooting for a gallon of water a day. Multi and Cal-Mag. No fat burners…actually I’ve been doing a little Yohimbine…hoping to get my system up and running and then throw a fat burner in when i get below 190lbs.

No lifting is out since I’m already a big dude…Again I’m going to throw up log but I just wanted to get some ideas from some folks…