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Endurance Athletes and Surge?


Could anyone tell me if Surge will work well for endurance athletes as well? It seems to fit the post-workout nutrition that is needed. Also, I've noticed that many of you seem to split it up, 1 scoop during workout and 1 after, so would this replace my electrolyte drink that I normally use during my endurance work?

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You can use Surge after any type of exercise. Shit, you could use it after sex if you wanted.


Biotest Surge is the best product out there for use after endurance training. I ride on the road and mountain bike and it has made a huge difference to my recovery.


litespeed, do you replace your electrolyte drink during riding with a scoop of this?

Thanks for the quick feedback.


Add a few Endurolyte tabs (or the powedered form) from Hammer Nutrition to your Surge after a long workout. It is a good balance of all the electrolytes, and doesnt contain any calories to mess with the carb/protein ratio. Based on the price, I save Surge for really long workouts, or workouts where I am at or above Lactate Threshold for a while.



I save it for after training and use a seperate carb/electrolyte formula during training.