Endurance Athlete Transforming Over, Advice

as an endurance athlete transforming over to the weights game, is it better to be overall fit, more specific to a xfit person, the way they train, or the traditional way of bodybuilding training?
the x fit training looks cool, lifting sandbags on your shoulders and walking a mile really fast, but then doing millitary presses and the traditional hang clean and benches deads squats presses curls abs seems great too.
no goal, other than to try and stay fit, but in a different way. no more endurance training, now the training is for pr stuff in all the bb movements and pl movements. any advice on what program to use and a good weeekly plan to start with. i have been doing pushups dips abs pullups 45 years now 2 days a week.
thanks alot

before anyone jumps in and says get Wendler’s 5/3/1, get Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. It is very details both on how to do the movements correctly and how to get started in a plan that will see quick progress.

Mate - I’m making the same switch. And Pete’s advice is good. Go big and basic to start.

I’d probably recommend doing a 5x5 first, just to give your tendons some time to catch up, but its all about laying a (new kind of) base. It’s humbling (and there’s a new kind of tired involved) but as an endurance athlete your work capacity is probably pretty good.

I’d also recommend taking care of existing aches and pains before you start going to heavy. Endurance athletes are notorious for bad hip mobility, shoulder impingements, and weak posterior chains. If that sounds like you, dig around on the site for Cressey and Robertson articles on how to deal with those problems.

After you lay your base, you’ll probably have a better idea if crossfit or bodybuilding is the way to go.

Stay fit for what? Fit is relative to your primary endeavor. Couch potatoes are fit enough for what they do…

If you want to build basic strength, PeteS’s suggestion is the best, because without a plan you will go pretty much off on a tangent since there’s so much you CAN do in a gym. With Starting Strength, You’ll get stronger, look better and have a good base for any athletic endeavor.