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Endurance Athlete PLEASE HELP!

Hello Everyone,

I am 24, been lifting for about 10 years now, weigh 175lbs, 5’11, 8% fat. I’ve been browsing forums for few weeks straight trying to find an answer, but to no avail. I have a solid base in bb and powerlifting, wrestled competitively in college but never did much running.

In about 2 month I have to do a 5k and complete it under 18 min. Right now I am at 20 min. Have been on intense training regiment (running 4 times week, intervals, long distance, sprints e.c.t. and lifting weights for endurance in between, light weight, many reps, short rest in between.

I have been pretty much stuck at 20 mins for the past 4 months. Looking to do some performance enchancers. I need something that would increase endurance and stamina, with manageable side effects. I have looked into some of the cutting compounds/ stacks and here’s what I found out:

Winny - sounds like what a lot of competitive runners take, increases strenght and drive, but I’ve read about horror sotries about sides, especially for joints, cholesterol and liver (even injectable form). I also heard its a very dangerous compound by itself

Equipose - heard great things about how it increases RBC content (but doesnt pretty much every steroid?) which helps with edurance. It also increases aggression, thickens blood, rarely has gyno cases, and makes you want to eat like a big - but overall a very mild steroid when it comes to the body. What is it stacked with?

Masteron/Anavar - Strength+Lean Mass+pumps. (alongside test of course) - I read these are great cycles from cutting but how good are they for running/endurance? Also, im concerned i might gain some mass if i use test and that shouldnt be good for running

Also, if I go winny or eq route, do i stack it with test as well?

Which of the above options (or combination thereof) (or other options if I missed any) are best in order to significantly increase endurance/stamina. and possible put on a couple of pounds of pure lean mass.

Testing and $ not an issue.
I’d really appreciate some feedback.

You talk about getting stronger with the winny and other AAS, but your workout routine is not geared at all towards increasing your strength. So why not?

You don’t need AAS, you need to work on your training protocol. It is not meeting your goals.

maybe some EPO? or some blood dopping should do the trick! you deff dont need AAS for endurance events (well usually). try to get some EPO it should rise your red blood cell count,that should help with increasing ur VO2max by like 6-10%

First off, a 5K is not an endurance event. I’m a fat out of shape powerlifter, and I could go knock out a 5K right now. So trying to increase your “endurance” is a bit off base, IMO.

You need to increase your speed, and the ways to increase your speed are improving technique and getting stronger (while ideally staying at the same bodyweight). Since this is the AAS section, I am assuming we are trying to address the latter.

My post about how his training routine does not match his goals still stands. Not gonna get any stronger using light weights for high reps.

Do not run any more than 6k in training, it would be a waste of valuable training time.

As VT said you need to increase your speed. Two ways of doing this are:

Higher levels of sprint training and losing weight. Neither are easy or necessarily fun but they will need to

be done.

look up Matt Fitzgeralds “Racing Weight” http://running.competitor.com/2009/12/features/racing-weight_7065

Also check out some of the sights like: Flotrack.com letsrun.com and coolrunnings.com

this should give you a great starting point…Sprint Eat Kill (stb)

I would do a search on letsrun.com everyone on there should be pretty willing to help; although you may have to sift through a few trolls.

I was a division 1 cross country runner for three years in college. I really hope you are kidding regarding the supplementation.

Training is the most important factor. Decreasing the amount of leg work in the gym you do should also help. Two months is not a long time to train, but it should be enough considering your muscular development from lifting. Increasing your endurance is also a necessity, there are some 5K runners (Olympians) who train over 120 miles per week. The 5k is mostly aerobic, so you have to train that system. Longer (and relatively slow) runs are an important component of training.

In addition to your lifting I would include these longer runs exclusively for the first few weeks. Hill charges, much like those loved by Jim Wendler could be done during this time as well. In the month before the race you should start doing faster paced, “tempo” runs.

Perhaps starting with 2 miles at 6:15 - 6:30 pace (your goal pace is 5:48 for 5K), and increasing to 4 miles by the week before the race. In the last 10 days before the race you should aggressively cut back on lifting, and include shorter runs and strides (50-100m “sprints” at 75% or so, of max speed).

I would recommend using whatever peri-workout nutrition you prefer after runs. I wish I knew as much about recovery and nutrition as I do now, when I was competing - because I would have recovered better, and could have been a faster and more successful athlete.

Best of luck.