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Endurance Athlete Cycle

I am looking to increase my performance but I do not trust the doses:
8 weeks 125mg Enanthate / week + 12.5mg Exemestane / day on day off

-week 7 and 8: 5x1000ud HCG every 3 days
-week 9 and 10: 50mg clomid / day + 20mg Novaldex / day

This cycle would be 0-1 step forward, and 2 steps back after recovering with the PCT.

125 mg/wk of Test E will get you to about natural average on average.

The 12.5 mg Exemestane EOD will likely have you with no estrogen (or at least no detectable estrogen), sore joints, likely ED, and very low libido.


Yeah, doesn’t look nearly high or long enough to really have an impact

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Are you doing this building to an event or is it just off season training block? If an event I would take @mnben87 advice. You will be in a worse spot. If it’s just a training block you would be fine with the test but i wouldn’t expect great results. I’d also watch out with the AI though especially if you don’t know how you will react to it. Have you used any AAS before?

Not one bit of this is a good idea. Every step is bad.

It’s will be my first time with drugs…

It will be a cycle to improve performance: increase strength and endurance.

So it’s could be better to do 200mg Testosterone Enanthate / week. Exemestane 12.5mg day on/day off, from week 2.

-week 7 and 8: 5x1000ud HCG every 3 days
-week 9 and 10: 50mg clomid / day + 20mg Novaldex / day

You will crash your E2 guaranteed with that amount of AI. Many people will need zero AI on such a low dose of test. Speaking of low dose, my doc-prescribed TRT is 160mg a week and puts me in the 900’s for total T. Why would you run a high TRT dose just to cycle off? It’s not going to make a ton of difference unless you are like off-the-chart low on T right now.

Your cycle is way too short. There’s almost zero point in running Test E for 8 weeks. 12 weeks minimum, 16 is better.

You need to go back to the drawing board for your cycle. This is not a good plan at all.

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Glad to see this topic as I’m also an endurance athlete considering a TestCyp cycle for the same reasons as the OP. I’m not on any kind of AI though, just 150mg/week split into 3 pins per week.

I’ve only been on TRT for a little over 7 months so I may hold off until next spring to try a cycle. And if the improvements in strength and endurance are fairly minimal I don’t see the point (for me) in “wasting” the extra TestCyp. I’ve already noticed significant performance improvements since I started TRT anyway.