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Endurance and Power


Hi friends i am Vicky, 32 year old male.I was not into physical activities from last many years, but now i have to qualify a physical examination so started my preparations for the same.I am running and practising from last 45 days.I am able to run for 5 km now but with great efforts and still in 43 min, and i need to do it in under 25 min so that means still lot of effort is required.And the worst part is that i am not having much time in hand to prepare because the date for physical test might be announced very shortly.

After consulting my doctor i injected Deca Durabolin25 mg and Testestorone 250 mg and i am asked to repeat it after 15 days till my competition is over, also i am taking Adenosine Triphosphate 60 mg daily twice.But still there is not much boost in my performance can you people please suggest me anything that can help me to perform better.


How about not having been a lazy fuck for the passed years, how about learning how to train and utilize proper nutrition, oh and how about not just turning your self into a pin cushion because you suck at life. Those are my suggestions how ever I doubt you will appreciate them to much.


Reed i know and everyone else also knows it would have been much better if i would have been trainig myself in past also, but what has not been done has not been done it cant be changed now, and as now i have less time in hand so i am forced to take shortcuts,otherwise i would have also taken up the proper trainig route only, and that is why i am looking for the best options available


The 'shortcuts' you're talking about don't work if your diet and training aren't in order first. The best available option would be to completely dedicate yourself, starting right now, to eating and training perfectly. Otherwise, drugs are absolutely pointless. There is no magic pill or injection.


Yes i am training myself 6 days a week and following schedule and training as per adidas micoach, also taking care of nutrition part to the best of my knowledge, but there has been no significant boost in my performance after injecting, and that is what is bothering me.


The only real goal I could see in your post is running 5km under 25 minutes. There's no real benefit to aerobic endurance in the cycle you've stated other than the possible joint help from deca, though if its really only 25mg(i imagine you mean 250) thats not even going to scratch the surface of any possible benefits. If you want help we need age, weight, bf, training goals, goal of cycle, and diet/training. Without that info your going to get flamed.

Now that I've been nice, come on dude. You need to run 5km or 3.1 miles in 25 minutes.... Thats over 8 minutes a mile. With a proper diet and training set up, this should be a cake walk.


Yes sort of easy after training,but unfortunately i am having very limited time for preparation.Though i am putting my best efforts in my training but training will result in slow improvement and at this time what i want is quick boost from my training in a short span of time.I am preparing for
a) 5 km run with in 25 min,
b) 40 push ups 1 minute.
c) 60 squats in 1 min 30 seconds
d)15 feets long jump
e) 5 chin ups
f) 50 metre cricket ball throw.

These all events are to be done one after one without any break in between, i am aware none of them is tough after proper training, but for me the most unfortunate part is that i was not training in past or say was not working out at all in the past.Started training myself from last 45 days only, for running initially with the help on nike coach but around a month back started following training programme for running of adidas mi coach.But this 5 km run that too in 40 min is exhausting me.I am aware that if i will keep on training there is no doubt that i am going to improve myself but as i mentioned time is limited in my hand to train.

I am taking deca durabolin 25 mg and testerone 250 mg after every 15 days.My details are , my age is 31 years, height is 5ft 6 inch and and my weight is 82 kg.I am taking protien and carbohydrates in my diet i am also taking multi vitamins and Adenosine Triphosphate Disodium 60 mg twice daily.
The part of country i live is sort of hot and humid say average temperature is 35C. I will be realy thankfull if i can get some sort of guidance from experienced fellow members.


250mg of test every 15 days is less than most TRT prescriptions. There's a reasonable chance your testosterone levels right now are actually LOWER than when you started, and now you're shut down for no good reason. Your doctor's an idiot if this is actually what he prescribed as a performance enhancer, and you're an idiot for not doing your own research on this BEFORE YOU STARTED. You should get some bloodwork done to see exactly what your levels look like.


Endurance for a 5km run is dependant on lung capacity but most of it is BETWEEN THE FUCKING EARS. I have not seen any non obese person fail to meet the 25min time within 2 months of basic military training.


The only thing I am going to suggest is a good PCT because it is obvious you are unsure of what you are doing.