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Hey guys I was doing some research on endothil-cr and it sounded pretty good. I bought a 1 month cycle of that and oxydren. I was wondering if anyone tryed or knew what kind of results ill be looking to get while taking these 2 products together.

I’m curious about your use of Oxydren. Isn’t that suppose to be oxygen in pill or bar form? Have you used this before? What possessed you to try it? I’ve heard of this product, but I know only what the ads say about it. I have not come across any unbiased research on it.

Well oxydrene is supposed to help you work your muscles to exhaustion and put oxygen in your muscles. I guess its endothils counter partner helping you work your muscles till there dead, inorder for the products to work. I dont know much about them, im trying to be open minded here and try something new for once. Heres the site, www.novexbiotech.com/oxydrene/index.asp

im starting the products today ill keep ya updating on my gains if your interested.

Personally, I would have spent my money here, but good luck.