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Howdy guys!

I need to know more about this product: Endothil-CR that was recommended by a professional organized sporting body such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to help traumatized muscle tissue.

I was taking steroids before and stopped of the bad effects and I heard that this Endothil-CR is a better replacement for steroids and helps the body in other healthful ways.

I appreciate it very much if there are experts here who can tell me more info about it.

Adel Buster 2006

What bad effects where you noticing? Did you have bloodwork done?

Endothil-CR is most likely a scam product.

Good lord…pharmacologically, there is nothing in that product that could cause the kind of gains and benefits that it claims. As far as health benefits, maybe it might have some small ones. Do a search. There was a thread on this. You should also look through the store and read up on some of the products here. Alpha Male in particular could be useful. Read the article.

As an ex-‘steroid’ user, did you do any proper PCT? What was your cycle and PCT? What kinds of problems are you having.

[quote]WideGuy wrote:

Endothil-CR is most likely a scam product.[/quote]

The company webpage doesn’t even list the ingredients. My guess is it’s crap.


The primary ingredient is green tomatoe extract. WTF,just fry some up and eat’um!

Actually I eat alot of pizza so maybe thats why I’m soo jacked…nah it’s probably not that sauce that’s doing it.

Actually I’m beta testing a product right now for usp labs and I won’t say “it feels like deca” but honestly it’s pretty damn impressive as far as body recomp goes. Kinda like anavar, primo, or masteron without the excellent strength gains and while it’s still early I doubt I’ll get the same kinda of gains in muscle size… but it is possible.

Most otc products that I’ve used (that are really worthwhile) at best give you a recomp type affect.

Hello Adel Buster,

I did find a site that describes the pill or product you need some information about it and I think this is the best link that can help provide all the information you need:


Here are some quotes from that site:

Endothil-CR Information

“Although Endothil?-CR’s functional component was already backed by clinical trials documenting its ability to impact the proper development of muscle and strength programs, the success of Endothil-CR as a body-building product was “dumb luck,” says Louis Rinaldi, spokesperson for Novex Biotech?, the compound’s developers.”

?When research was first published on the compound?s ability to help rebuild traumatized muscle tissue, trainers (believe it or not, a lot of athletic trainers are physical therapists who help get trauma victims back in shape) began suggesting the compound?s muscle- and strength-building attributes could be a safe replacement for steroids and steroid-like compounds,? says Rinaldi. ?As these cutting-edge trainers began recommending the compound to their competitive clients, they began to receive feedback like, ?I can?t believe how much it helps my muscle and strength program? and ?I never experienced anything like this.??

If you need more info just check the webpage link. Here it is again: http://www.4starhealth.com/endothilcr.php

Dark Forest